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  1. Are you gonna watch the whole Classic? I'm excited for that tournament. Sam will play three top-15 ranked teams in Kentucky, Vanderbilt, & Mississippi State. Will hopefully see how the team is shaping up after that weekend.
  2. Sam Houston State University!!!! Eat'em up Kats!!!!
  3. Anybody know New Diana's pre-district schedule, or know if your school is playing them?
  4. Well @#$&!!!! I knew I'd be sick after this game was over. I'm just a little sicker than I thought. Thought eagles would eventually win a SB...just sad it happened during my lifetime.
  5. Yes Sir. I saw that too. Probably a good move. Will keep some stability in the program.
  6. How do you know this info? Speculation or "fact"? Just curious.
  7. Anyone know of New Diana's pre-district games? Or know if your school is scheduled to play ND in pre-district? I saw somebody post that they play Harmony....that leaves 2 more games.
  8. What day are the new District realignments being announced?
  9. Yea, had 14 Seniors I believe.
  10. I haven't heard anything... including who all is on the committee.
  11. Reports say he will be the replacement for Matt Eberflus. Probably coach the LBs or secondary.
  12. Hhhmmm... hanging 100 would be a cool thing I guess. But that'd mean the patrio-cheats won. Not good either. This game is a lose-lose for me. Maybe the football gods will make it a tie game at the end of regulation. Both teams continually don't score and then they play 10 overtime periods and all the players from each team collapse from exhaustion and both teams are forced to forfeit. lol I wish
  13. @#$&# it!!!! I DISLIKE both teams ALOT. Is there a way they can both lose? lol This is worse than afew years ago when the Steelers & Packers played.
  14. OC graduate or previous coach there? When?
  15. I thought he had already previously verbally committed to UT?
  16. And TW afew miles down the road has won a SC in football as a HC...not where he currently is but at his previous school. Hhhmmm...if it's not him, I don't know who Destry is referring to.
  17. http://www.d2football.com/teams/lsc/c5/ http://www.d2football.com/teams/gac/c23/
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