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  1. Well.... we're here. Doesn't seem THAT cold, lol. Wind doesn't seem that bad either.
  2. It's GAME DAY baby!!!!!!! About to head that way. I hope everyone brings your snuggle gear....it's gonna be COLD!!! LET'S GO EAGLES!!!!!!
  3. Hhhmm, too bad I'm not a Daingerfield poster. Darn
  4. Does Gunter need wind to help them? lol
  5. Hhhmmm... okay. I hope and think it'll be true.
  6. How long has he been Head Coach at Gunter? What's his coaching background? Just curious
  7. How many offers does this young man have? Anybody know?
  8. Yes, Sir. I'm from ND. We are VERY proud of our young men. We are happy to be alive and well in the 4th round. But, we still expect to win. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Gunter. They are the defending State Champs, and undefeated this season. They are a great team. I'm a homer. I expect ND to win and hope they do. Fan are homers...which should be expected. If you don't expect to win then you've already lost... Otherwise why even play the game or cheer on your team if you don't expect to win. Proud Eagle supporter!!!
  9. Yea, in the loss to WO, the Eagles were down inside WO's 5yd line with about 9 seconds left in the game. No timeouts. Tried to spike ball but fumbled snap...recovered it, but time ran out. Yes you're correct. Rushing champ scored 2pt conversion in 2nd OT to win it by one point.
  10. I'm assuming he means Jackson Sampson's season totals?
  11. The boxscore said attendance was 4,401. That's pathetic!!!! Yea, I was at the Nichols game too. Huge crowd. It's was family weekend at Sam. I was at the playoff game last year against either Colgate or SUU and it was on graduation day. The crowd was so-so as far as I recall. The administration HAS GOT TO figure something out to put student's butts in the seats. It's disheartening in my opinion.
  12. Game over. Sam wins 54-42. Sam will play Kennesaw State in Huntsville next week. Eat'em up Kats!!!
  13. Great season WR!!! Nothing to hang your head about.
  14. Cmon man!!!! The Gunther - Holliday game isn't even at halftime yet. Geesh!!!
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