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  1. Yep. That's what running your @#$& mouths gets ya. ####!!
  2. It's game day!!!! Eagle Nation is coming to Frisco!! Let's go Eagles!! You've got this!!
  3. Thank you kind Sir for your input and work on the analysis.
  4. Thanks Pax. Incredible in your analysis and very well appreciated by all. I'm a ND fan so I hope you're wrong, lol.
  5. LOL. Ok. I'll take that into consideration
  6. Pax, I appreciate your analysis of all the games. If you get time, can you jump over to the New Diana vs Jacksboro thread and run the numbers and analyze that game?
  7. Yea, I think it might be a shootout that we'll win. Hope our D shows up. And Briscoe has a good game (he's been off this season). It'd be nice to have a home game at Bowers. But, it'd also be nice to go back to JSU and "upset" them in their house
  8. Who all is planning on attending this game?
  9. Cool, thanks. How was your experience there? Any advice for us fans attending the game there this week?
  10. Anybody know any websites to watch video of Jacksboro???
  11. West Rusk....because they beat ND in pre-district and because Nick is a ND supporter
  12. SAM vs U. of South Dakota, Saturday December 2nd, Bowers Stadium on Huntsville, TX. Should be a shootout. If SAM wins, they'll played Jacksonville State U in Alabama next week. U. of Central Arkansas vs New Hampshire. Same day. Nicholls State lost to USD this past weekend by 7pts. They fumbled on the USD one-yard line with under a minute left in the game. Let's go SLC!!! Eat 'em up Kats!!!!
  13. Anybody attended any high school football games at The Star/Ford Center in Frisco? How was the experience? Advice for fans attending?
  14. Well, now we know... Sam vs U. of South Dakota. EAT 'EM UP KATS!!!!!
  15. Thanks for the info. Y'all had a great season and should be commended for that. Congrats! I was really looking forward to a Blue Eagles vs Red Eagles match up this round. Hopefully we can get a measure of revenge for y'all.
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