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  1. If the ND defense that played Leonard shows up to play Jacksboro, then it'll be a great game. Also, ND ran ALOT versus Leonard and didn't rely on the passing game as usual. And were successful at it with multiple backs. If they can carry that over to the Jacksboro game it will also make it a better game. IMO, I think this will be a close game and come down to the last possession of the game. Let's go Eagles!!! #webelieve
  2. I want to congratulate the Leonard Tigers on a great game and season. You fought till the end, and represented your school and community with class. Way to go Eagles!! Area Champs!! #webelieve
  3. Stoney, can you give us the scoop & scouting report on Jacksboro?
  4. Congratulations on a great season DF Tigers!! Keep your heads up!! You're going to be even better next season. District 7 is proud of you!!
  5. Yes Sir!!! The D had great pursuit and gang tackled all game. Way to go Eagles!!!! Rumor in the stands was the next game is at The Star in Frisco. Date/time unknown. Unconfirmed.
  6. Yea...best I've seen them play all year. So far in this game anyway
  7. What the heck is going on there? Jacksboro that much better than Harmony? Or are the red eagles shooting themselves in the foot?
  8. Any non ND or Leonard smoaky fans here at the game too?
  9. Not sure if I understand the process completely. If we're the home team, then why are we playing in Greenville which is pretty close to Leonard? Don't they do a coin toss for home team? And then home team gets to pick the venue? Basically I just can't understand Greenville being the venue picked by ND because it's ALOT closer for Leonard.
  10. Your father-in-law sounds like a great man
  11. Yes Sir!!! I think the forecast is for subfreezing temps in the coming weeks lol
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope everybody has a great holiday weekend with their families. Don't eat too much. For those going to games, travel safe.
  13. Lol...just giving you a hard time. It's all in fun bro. I'm rooting for them mighty DF Tigers and pulling for our District 7 brothers.
  14. WHAT????!!!!!!????? You're voting for a Blue Eagle?????
  15. C'mon West!!! You know you're a closet Bearkat fan!!! And a wish-you-were a Bearkat!!! lol
  16. Yea, the stadium does look nice. Who's the home team?
  17. Yea, JJ, go over to the ND-Leonard thread and liven it up for us, lol
  18. How's the stadium in Greenville? Anybody been there and attended a game? Good? Bad?
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