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  1. Sam Houston State University!!!!!!! EAT 'EM UP KATS!!!!!!!!
  2. Anybody know any info on Leonard? Type of offense/defense? Playmakers? Etc.
  3. Yea, that'd be a good rivalry game...even more epic being a third round playoff game. BUT, both teams have to make it past this second round first.
  4. Per ETSN.FM...New Diana (8-3) vs. Leonard (7-4), 7:30 p.m. Friday (Nov. 24), T.A. “Cotton” Ford Stadium, Greenville
  5. Just because Stoney will never vote for a Blue Eagle, I'll never vote for a red eagle, lol. Jacksboro
  6. Dang!! Looks like a great catch. Wish I could've seen it live. The Winona db made a great interception catch during the ND-Winona game. I wish there was a pic of that one.
  7. Y'all keep us updated on this game please
  8. I predict the Cowboys go 3-3 during his six game absence.
  9. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please change your prediction
  10. Not disagreeing, but it's not the last week of the season. How do you figure either team out of the playoffs with a loss?
  11. Someone please post game updates. I can't be at the game. Thanks!
  12. What's the thought process on trying a drop-kick? Versus just trying a regular extra point attempt or field goal attempt? Since the points are valued the same. I don't get why you'd try one.
  13. Yea, he's a STUD!!! Not only fast but QUICK as well. Saw him do it all during the ND game. Rush the edge/outside, up the middle, elude tackles side-to-side, and run over & thru tacklers.
  14. Anybody have any stats from this game? Specifically for ND QB Sampson and his receivers. And any/all other stats?
  15. +1 Read where he received a 2yr 1.3mil contract. Moving up to FBS level and the SEC at that. Good luck to him. Just don't think his style of offense will make it in the SEC...but could be wrong. Eat 'em up Kats!!
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