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  1. Can someone going to the game please post updates? I have to work tonight. Thanks
  2. Great. I'm from ND also. Don't have any kids in high school. Had one graduate afew years ago, and currently one in 7th grade.
  3. Ok..yea I saw him last week. He is a big kid compared to Sampson. Whats his info/background?
  4. Thanks for the info. What # is the backup QB?
  5. What's the injury? Hand? Arm/elbow? He took a hit late in the OC game and seemed to be favoring his arm. And his last few throws were ducks on those final two possessions.
  6. Haven't heard. He finished the game against OC.
  7. New Diana (homer vote) If no pressure on ND QB, will be high scoring and last one with the ball wins. If pressure on ND QB, then ND will struggle to put up points. ND has no defense. Score would be similar to ND-HK game in a DF win.
  8. I'm here. Look back at my comments. Yea, OC made stops in the end. IMHO, ND got out-coached. Was up 27-7 in 2nd qtr. OC made adjustments, ND did not.
  9. Ok. Yea, you tell me. I only grew up in OC and played in these games back in the day. AND I current live in Diana and have kids in ND and am a converted ND fan. But ok, I guess you know better. Back in the day, IT WAS A BETTER RIVALRY, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I could only hope it could build back up now to be like that again.
  10. I agree. But it's not as big a rivalry game like it was "back in the day".
  11. Battle of 259!!! Rivalry Game!!! It's either gonna be ND in a blowout, or OC in a blowout...or ND in a close one, or OC in a close one. Can't make my mind up on the prediction, lol. This'll be the first time in a long time that both teams are fairly evenly matched.
  12. I could see them keeping NDSU at #1. Sam has a week schedule this year, and doesn't look good in the eyes of national prominence or the voters. Wouldn't be surprised if the bison do drop that someone else leapfrogs Sam at #2 to take #1. Eat 'em up, Kats!!!
  13. Was the loss due to the good execution by OC on offenss, or lack of execution by hooks on defense? Also...given that you've seen both teams play... who's your pick in the ND-OC game in two weeks? (ND is on bye next week)
  14. Good call...23...could have been more if not for a QC kickoff return TD during garbage time with under three mins to go. Lots of turnovers in this game...a lot of fumbles too that QC recovered themselves otherwise would have been turnovers. ND receivers had a tough game...dropped alot of pretty passes when they were open. Seemed QC backfield & QB got confused alot on plays...bumping & running in to each other before & during handoffs. Good, hard-fought game QC Nation. The QC players played hard and never gave up. Good luck the rest of the season.
  15. Dang!! Can one of y'all Hooks folks describe how this happened??? I ask because our (ND) next game is against OC.
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