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  1. Good call...23...could have been more if not for a QC kickoff return TD during garbage time with under three mins to go. Lots of turnovers in this game...a lot of fumbles too that QC recovered themselves otherwise would have been turnovers. ND receivers had a tough game...dropped alot of pretty passes when they were open. Seemed QC backfield & QB got confused alot on plays...bumping & running in to each other before & during handoffs. Good, hard-fought game QC Nation. The QC players played hard and never gave up. Good luck the rest of the season.
  2. Dang!! Can one of y'all Hooks folks describe how this happened??? I ask because our (ND) next game is against OC.
  3. Yes, Sir. I saw where we had a great turnout. I just wish we could do that at Bowers.
  4. Not that I agree or disagree with your comments...just curious...which NFL team do you root for?
  5. IMHO, Sam won't jump ship anytime soon...it's gonna be a WHILE if they do. Only option would be to move up to a FBS bottom-feeder conference. That means more money to spend in their budget that they don't have. I say Sam should just stay put. And continue to build on the success they are continually showing each season. Not just for football reasons, but other sports such as baseball too. I think sfa would be making a mistake leaving. Where are they gonna go? SLC basketball is D-I, and considered a Mid-Major, and automatic qualifier for the Big Tournament.
  6. And OC lost to DK...and DK got blown out by ND..and ND got blown out by HK. So yea, I agree it shouldn't be close.
  7. Paths? Such as one or each changing conferences or one or each moving up to FBS bottom feeder conference?
  8. Yes, Sir!! We took the foot off the gas for sure. I was really surprised the didn't give the freshman QB some opportunities since they obviously slowed down the Offense in the 4th qtr. Seems like the attendance has been steadily rising each year. I'm planning on going hopefully next year. Another year to brag to the L-jacks I know, lol. Six years in a row...domination!!!! EAT 'EM UP, KATS!!! Proud SAM Alum, class of '98
  9. Yes. I've tried that and it keeps asking for my cable carrier info that I don't have.
  10. He's just a Junior. They'll most likely pull him at halftime or 3rd qtr, and get his true freshman backup some playing time.
  11. Yep. Sam's QB Briscoe, midway thru 2nd qtr, has gone 19/25 for 336 yds, 5 TDs & NO ints SAM 42-7 Eat 'em up Kats!!!
  12. Dang it. Im having to just monitor the ESPN statcast for this game. Can't watch it.
  13. Does anybody know what channel this will be on for East Texas TV? Eat 'em up, Kats!!!!
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