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  1. I'm a ND fan. I didn't see this game because I had to work. Only seen one game (UG win) this season so far because of work. Can somebody give me a summary/description/explanation of how the game turned out. How'd ND's QB look? O-line? Defense?
  2. Wow!!! I didn't see this coming. I expected a win, but in a close game. Or if not a loss in a competitive game. But just wow.
  3. Who's going to this game? I have to work, and would appreciate updates.
  4. I'm a Longhorn fan, I agree with you.
  5. How'd New Diana look? Because I've had to work, and haven't seen them play yet this season.
  6. This truly sickens me, very much...but, I served & defended this great country and our Constitution so that I.D.I.O.T.S like him would have the freedom to express their idiotic feelings.
  7. Sport Football First meeting November 17, 1923 Stephen F. Austin 19, Sam Houston 6 Latest meeting October 3, 2015 Sam Houston 34, Stephen F. Austin 28 Trophy Piney Woods Trophy Statistics Meetings total 90 All-time series Sam Houston leads, 53-35-2 Largest victory Stephen F. Austin, 42-3 (2009) Longest win streak Sam Houston, 6 (1937-41, 46) Current win streak Sam Houston, 5 (2011present)
  8. I was at that game. The Lions gave Sam a run for their money in that game. I came away impressed. I was surprised the Lions didn't do better in the playoffs. I loved the throwback East Texas State uniforms.
  9. You must be a fan of that timber-cutter vocational junior college over in naco"####" EAT 'EM UP, KATS!!!!
  10. Anybody know how ND looked in last night's scrimmage? How'd it turn out?
  11. They were REAL young last year. Gonna be sophomore & junior heavy this year.
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