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  1. How did the SH - ND scrimmage go last week?
  2. LOL...I haven't heard anything about the new coach/staff, or how things have gone so far. It looks like the new turf field is just about completed according to Facebook pics I've seen.
  3. Don't underestimate them NEW DIANA EAGLES. I've got a feeling they're gonna be competitive this year. Not saying playoffs, but they will be in games, be competitive, and predicting a .500 or better season. :-)
  4. I'm a Bearkat, and I was actually rooting for our SLC / Piney Woods rival. Great job and great season 'jacks.
  5. Anybody know if Coach Coplin has kids that will be attending NDISD?
  6. I live in Diana. Had a kid graduate afew years ago. Have a kiddo in middle school. I support our school and our community. I hope and wish for the best in this AD/coaching hire. This is a great community, and our kids, parents, and supporters deserve the best.
  7. I think they're just waiting for the scheduled board meeting next week. And the Supt has been making visits to the finalists' schools for backgrounds. Does anyone know if either or both of the finalists has any kids in high school that play sports?
  8. I'm glad the Broncos won. I'm happy for D-Ware, Wade, and Peyton. I've never liked Cam, and I like him even less after his post-game attitude and acting like a p#nk. DCFFL
  9. So who are the finalists? When is a decision going to be made & announced?
  10. So Ore City and Harleton moved up? What were their snapshot numbers?
  11. So...Ore City & Harleton moved up to 3A-D2??? Anybody know the numbers they turned in?
  12. I agree. Would have been hard to beat any team with those turnovers. Much less a very good and #1 ranked JSU team at their packed house (23k+). I'm pulling for JSU to beat NDSU. Both are very good and should be a great game. I'm proud of my 'Kats though. Good season. Eat 'em up, Kats!!!!
  13. Great game. Only sprinkled rain afew times...nothing too bad. Yes, the attendance should have been better...and I agree that the graduation proceedings was a big factor in that. Semifinals for the 4th time in 5yrs. Jacksonville State is up next at their place...and that will be a tough game.
  14. Good luck to him. Yes, Sir. Hopefully moving it up beats the bad weather. It was bad during the last one too. Eat 'em up, Kats!!
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