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  1. I'm glad the Broncos won. I'm happy for D-Ware, Wade, and Peyton. I've never liked Cam, and I like him even less after his post-game attitude and acting like a p#nk. DCFFL
  2. So who are the finalists? When is a decision going to be made & announced?
  3. So Ore City and Harleton moved up? What were their snapshot numbers?
  4. So...Ore City & Harleton moved up to 3A-D2??? Anybody know the numbers they turned in?
  5. I agree. Would have been hard to beat any team with those turnovers. Much less a very good and #1 ranked JSU team at their packed house (23k+). I'm pulling for JSU to beat NDSU. Both are very good and should be a great game. I'm proud of my 'Kats though. Good season. Eat 'em up, Kats!!!!
  6. Great game. Only sprinkled rain afew times...nothing too bad. Yes, the attendance should have been better...and I agree that the graduation proceedings was a big factor in that. Semifinals for the 4th time in 5yrs. Jacksonville State is up next at their place...and that will be a tough game.
  7. Good luck to him. Yes, Sir. Hopefully moving it up beats the bad weather. It was bad during the last one too. Eat 'em up, Kats!!
  8. Hey, Coach0001....me and my girls will be at the game on Saturday. Are you going?
  9. Eat 'em up, Kats!!! I was at the Sam - SUU playoff game on Saturday. It was cold, rainy, windy, and miserable. But an exciting game, and of course good game because we won. Now on the the rematch with McNeese. :-)
  10. Several years back, Parcells threw the red flag on an unchallengeable play. The Cowboys had a challenge charged to them AND lost a timeout. I dunno, maybe they've changed some of the challenge rules. Yesterday, they were set and ready for the next play when Coughlin threw the red challenge flag on the Beasley fumble that was nullified by the roughing the QB on Romo. They took ALOT of time during this fiasco with the red flag. You'd think that'd be at least a time out charged to NY. Anyways, the Cowboys won yesterday DESPITE the refs.
  11. Pretty darn good trade. I'm happy with it. I just hope we as fans can enjoy it for the next several years and especially next season. I just hope that Fielder doesn't go through a "slump" like Pujols & Hamilton did for the Angels. I realize the difference is a big money free agent contract, and already having the big money and getting traded.
  12. I predict all the games from here on out are going to be close. I believe the Cowboys pull this one out. Cowboys 26 Giants 23
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