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  1. Everybody has a story on this. In 2005, ‘Jacksonville had to forfeit eight games and it cost us a playoff spot because one of our players lied on the residence form you fill out at the first of the year… signed by parents / guardians and student. They said that he lived in the ‘Jacksonville school district and he did not. Our coach at the time, Randy Copeland, did the right thing when he was tipped off and turned us in believing the district committee made up of rival schools would make the right decision and not punish the entire team for a kid who lied. Of course, the two teams that voted
  2. This is awesome!!! Thanks for posting y’all!!
  3. I don’t know. Maybe someone else knows (?)
  4. Rusk wins!!! Congratulations to the Eagles. Now go beat PG and bring a state championship back to Cherokee County!
  5. @MattSteppIf the UIL wants to make money, then why not allow school districts that want to do it pay a license fee straight to the UIL. I know our school district would pay it.... and many others will too. Please don’t tell me this decision is based on attendance. That is such a bad excuse. The NCAA proved that in 1984 when the TV deals came out and all those athletic directors who said it would kill college football looked pretty bad. It actually increased the footprint of college football. Come on UIL, get in the 21st century.
  6. Well, phooey. Just got word no live streaming this year. UIL made the call. @MattStepp can a school district contract with the NFHS Network and stream games?
  7. Well, phooey. Just got word no live streaming this year. UIL made the call. @MattStepp can a school district contract with the NFHS Network and stream games?
  8. What a great guy, huge loss for Henderson. Professional! Kudos to HISD for naming it after Mike. Deserving.
  9. Couldn’t read the article as I’m not a subscriber... what’s the gist of it?
  10. Is Karen taking his talents to South Beach?
  11. This deluge of people from other states is real. Combine that with the lowest interest rates our grandparents couldn’t get, the cost of building skyrocketing, and you have demand crushing supply. It’s 30-35% markups on everything. $200K homes two years ago are $260k today. $300K homes two years ago start at $380K. Anecdotally, my neighbor retired here from Nevada because they could get 2X the house for same money. CA folks coming in droves. What people want and are getting for early 1980s homes here in JAX blows my mind. This will end badly when the Fed normalizes interest rates. Wh
  12. These are all great statistics everyone that each of you put out here. People wonder why East Texas has a difficult time competing at the 5A and 6A level in football and basketball. Well, one school in 6A now. Sure, there will be a few teams every now and then that will compete in those sports and get to regionals, but getting to the semi finals or the finals .... is just not going to be in the cards consistent as long as the population distribution is like it is. Look at West Texas. East Texas, at least at the upper levels, seeing the same thing. 4A and below isn’t an issue.
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