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  1. I agree it's hard to look at "who beat who and by how much" to predict anything. That usually doesn't work well. What I do know (and most have said so on this thread) is Jacksonville has improved. There is no doubt about that. What I see up close and personal is more confidence and trust in the coaches and in each other. Kilgore is really talented . . . yikes!. But I don't see them being any more talented than 5A Crandall, who JAX lost to 42-37 and JAX driving in for the go ahead score in the 4th when they lost a 75 yard scoop-and-score. But there I go again . . . you can't do that who-beat-who thing. It's all about match ups. It's about who executes, who has the least turnovers, did the QB's girlfriend break up with him on Friday morning what game plan each unit coach has put together for their specific unit to attack the other's weaknesses, etc... Too many data points to just go by who-played-who. By the way, does anyone have the phone number of VanZandt's girlfriend? Asking for a friend.
  2. What a HUGE win for NAC last week. Amazing what happens when things come together, a good game plan, and the other team's disrespect. WH had been rolling, Didn't see that coming. Still, PT can play, they just make mistakes at the wrong time. Kilgore only beat then 20-14. Maybe NAC is on a roll . . . I'll go with NAC though.
  3. Great win! 2nd half, the offense put it together. Defense just keeps getting better and better, created 3 turnovers. Coaches did a great job with their game planning.
  4. No, a few years ago, the Board of Directors for DQ decided not to renew their deal with Fox Sports SW. I know a DQ higher up and he said they regret it now.
  5. It’s kids doing it. They even stole my picture and made a fake account of me. Should I feel honored (?) conflicted Hopefully, Matt Stepp and his crew can clean it up.
  6. Matt Stepp . . . hope you see this. Someone is doing fake accounts on your Texas Football Friday app for Jacksonville's HC, OC, and DC. The OC came up to me during pre-game last night to make sure I knew that was NOT them. Someone got their pictures off social media and set up these fake accounts . . . really crazy stuff being posted. Look under our game threads in the chat rooms. Jason Holman, Bradley Gandy, and Jason McClendon -- that is NOT them. Pretty upset about it and I told them I would reach out to you. Sorry for the public post , I tried to privately email you on this app but it said you don't accept messages (?) Can you police that and invalidate those accounts? They're all fake. Thanks.
  7. Did CH lose one of their best players to injury?
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