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  1. This deluge of people from other states is real. Combine that with the lowest interest rates our grandparents couldn’t get, the cost of building skyrocketing, and you have demand crushing supply. It’s 30-35% markups on everything. $200K homes two years ago are $260k today. $300K homes two years ago start at $380K. Anecdotally, my neighbor retired here from Nevada because they could get 2X the house for same money. CA folks coming in droves. What people want and are getting for early 1980s homes here in JAX blows my mind. This will end badly when the Fed normalizes interest rates. Wh
  2. These are all great statistics everyone that each of you put out here. People wonder why East Texas has a difficult time competing at the 5A and 6A level in football and basketball. Well, one school in 6A now. Sure, there will be a few teams every now and then that will compete in those sports and get to regionals, but getting to the semi finals or the finals .... is just not going to be in the cards consistent as long as the population distribution is like it is. Look at West Texas. East Texas, at least at the upper levels, seeing the same thing. 4A and below isn’t an issue.
  3. It’s all about jobs. East Texas industry has changed so much over the last 20 years. People have to move where they can get a payable wage. I have watched Jacksonville’s economy / jobs decline for 30 years. Yes, we have our moments of an upturn— like right now— but we are still low socioeconomic and I think that’s true across East Texas. I’ve already said on here JAX should be one of those schools that drop to 4A D1.
  4. Longview is the ONLY East Texas representative in the 5A state track meet? Boys and girls? Yikes. Or did I miss someone?
  5. Maybe I’m mistaken.... I didn’t think he actually got to football season.... I may be wrong (?)
  6. He never coached Palestine. Was hired in the Spring but didn’t get to the Fall to coach. I don’t know who went 1-9 there.
  7. Jay Brown, Jacksonville class of 1982. Current DC at Nac, 19-year collegiate coaching career. Brilliant coach and an even better man.
  8. Agreed, Mav. 2004 . . . Palestine drops to 4A, go to semi-finals that year. Have had some good, some bad years. But 5A football for them would have been pretty bad all these years. 2020 . . . Lindale drops to 4A, go to state finals. Fluke? We'll see. Long term, year in and year out, numbers matter. Yeah, you may have an Atlanta every now and then (3A state champs in 2004 with 25 varsity players, I counted!) but, overall, you're running against the wind.
  9. Uhhh, I would take Chapel Hill, Palestine (we already every year, split most of the time), Henderson (we play most of the time), Mabank, Kaufman, or Terrell instead of Marshall, Texas High, and perhaps the "new" Pine Tree any day, even Nac as they seem to be getting bigger and better. At least the numbers are closer with those smaller schools, yes, they do have decent programs. I would think Carthage is far enough east for them to be another 4A-D1 district . . . but you never know . . . always depends on who else drops / comes up. It's all speculation on the districts but I really see JAX goi
  10. It is not always about facilities. JAX replaced all three K4s, redid the HS, added a $1.5m track at HS, Tomato Bowl redo.... passed every bond issue for last 5 years. People are not flocking to Jacksonville although our town / schools have added / improved a lot. We are low socioeconomic and I’m afraid that has kept people from coming here despite the upgrades.
  11. Fantastic work, Mav. I believe ‘Jacksonville will drop to 4A D1. If the UIL continues to increase enrollment by 50 like they have over the last several realignments, ‘Jacksonville should drop. Our 2020 snapshot was below the number turned in for 2019. It’s time. I see us with Lindale, CH, Palestine, Henderson, Kilgore, and possibly Mabank, or Kaufman, or Terrell, or others like that on the borderline.
  12. It’s my understanding that Jacksonville will revert back to the pre-Covid schedule. In 2020, we had to replace Palestine and Henderson in non district with Cleburne and Nederland. So we will open at Crandall, play Palestine, then Hendo.... bye week.... then the 7 game 9-5A district schedule.
  13. Well, the Display at the track showed 10.50. They told him when he finished 10.53 so...... I guess the Pressbox got it wrong or changed it... it was a prelim and he won going away so time didn’t matter I guess.... we had a coach get him at 10.53 and another at 10.56. Regardless that’s fast!
  14. They were 6A, what last realignment? Or maybe before? Yes, they had lots of speed.
  15. I went to the district 16-5A track meet today in WH. Dang, JAX was in 1st place by 10 yards in 4 X 100 with Devin McCuin pulling away at anchor. About 30 yards from the finish line, he pulls up with a pulled groin. Had to be carted off to the medical tent. They ran the 100 and winning time was 11.1, not fast at all, he would have won it. It’s really a shame, he had a chance to possibly make it to Austin as a sophomore. He also starts at RF in baseball. IMG_0863.MOV
  16. Well dang, my bad. Went back to the article and Devin McCuin ran a 10.53, not 10.15, sorry.
  17. JAX sophomore Devin McCuin ran 10.15 100 Meters in district prelims. Should win district in finals on Friday. Got his first football offer from UTSA. There will be many more.
  18. Does anyone remember when Henderson hired Tom Kimbrough, the Plano HC back in the 1980s? He stayed, what, a few weeks and realized it was NOT a good move and left, didnt even make it to end of Spring semester. So this isn’t the first time Henderson has shocked the landscape. Was the athletic culture that bad to where you blow all those sports up with multiple HC changes? I have been around a looooong time and I have never seen that many HCs leave at the same time after AD was reassigned. At least not that fast. As I said earlier, 62-33 in 8 years? One bad year and goodbye?
  19. Unfortunately, this is the way it works in education, corporate world, etc... new guy in charge wants his own people regardless. Who knows why, I guess he would rather bet on his new guy instead of a proven winnner at 62-33. Pretty shortsighted and risky . . . or maybe he's just stair-stepping through Henderson. When I was on the school board here in Jacksonville, our new supe told Danny Long he needed to win the next year in 1996 after we went 5-5 in 1995. Forget the fact that Danny completely turned our culture around, playoff wins in 1992, 1993, and the best was yet to come. Didn't matter,
  20. Quality man, not just a great coach. What are these people thinking? 62-33. WOW. They think they’re gonna do better than him?
  21. Very disappointed Jacksonville girls lost. They had a great season though... only 3 seniors.
  22. Coach Surratt would take a pay cut to go to Allen
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