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  1. When I was starting out officiating HS basketball back in the early 1980s, he broke me in quite well, I must say. We had an affectionate nickname for him (LOL) — Batman. If he didn’t like a call, he would come flying off the bench and his coat would open up and it looked like wings waving like crazy. Had those thick coat bottle glasses, really didn’t look like a basketball coach, but he did a heckuva job with whatever kind of kids he had. RIP.
  2. Exactly. So many people don’t understand this. age 65, yes, taxes are frozen. I’ve seen appraisal districts crush the tax rate especially the last 2-3 years. Thanks Fed!!! Printing money and keeping rates too low for too long was a disgrace. Hard for schools and appraisal districts to plan when the gubment does such stupid stuff.
  3. I chaired the $20 million 2017 bond issue to redo Tomato Bowl for $16 million and $4 million to redo our Career and Technology Building at the HS. The choice was build a $35 million stadium on the loop and have as much parking as you want….,or half that, keep your traditional stadium downtown, and let everyone gripe about parking. We chose to present the latter. It made the most economic sense and our CTE Building is absolutely state of the art. The bond passed 80%. On the flip side of that, In 1997, when I was on the school board, we passed a bond issue 53 to 47%. Intermediate school. $12 million school…. the state paid $9 million and the taxpayer paid $3 million. And it barely passed. Why? People. At the time, we had a bunch of naysayers. In my opinion, it’s whatever people are living in your town at the time. Those same people killed 3 bond issues in the 2000s. Then those same people either died or moved off. We then easily passed bonds for 4 elementary schools from 2014 to 2015 and the aforementioned TB and CTE. To me, it’s who are the squeaky wheels? How many of them are there? I’ve seen it all here since the 1970s…..Regression and progress. No matter how much you need something, if you have too many naysayers, no bonds will get passed. For every Chapel Hill that can’t pass anything, there’s a Bullard who passes everything. By the way, Tomato Bowl and our CTE building serves far more black and brown skinned kids. Still passed 80%. It is NOT racism, it’s the NO crowd. Ive never had anyone tell me they would not vote for a bond because we had too many non-whites. Maybe I’m naive but I would think someone would have said that….no one has.
  4. I PRAY JAX stays 4A. We were way under the cutoff since it was moved up more than expected. I see Lindale moving up again. They are exploding, yes. JAX got beat today in Regional Soccer final….girls got beat yesterday in regional semi. Basketball could have gone to regional but got a tough draw in 2nd round. Baseball is much more competitive. Football? We will get there. Yes, CH and Kilgore have been tough…. but give me Palestine and Athens all day compared to Marshall and Texas High.
  5. Sometimes, you become a victim of your own success. For several years when I was a kid, Tom Landry couldn’t “win the big one.” The Duncanville HC finally win a state championship this year after losing TWO state games on 500-1 sot last second plays. King is amazing but fans always want more. The problem is Longview doesn’t know what it’s like to lose. Expectations are always out of this world. I hope Longview fans know what they have.
  6. I’m old enough to remember Plano in the 1960s. I lived in Lake Highlands and Garland. By early 1970s, Plano was doing what Aledo is doing now.
  7. My sister lives in Aledo. It is booming in population. Texas is booming overall, yes….. but Aledo growth is on steroids. Two massive ranches sold to developers and man, are they developing. I was up there this weekend.
  8. 3rd round….JAX vs Madisonville girls at 6pm Tuesday Feb 21 at Lufkin Hudson. 3rd time these district foes have played. Winner heads to Bryan for regionals.
  9. Not really. JAX win Dr Pepper tournament and played good teams all year.
  10. AREA: Friday, February 17. Jacksonville girls vs Jasper at 7:30pm at Lufkin Hudson HS Go Fightin’ Maidens!!!
  11. Jacksonville vs Gilmer at the Wag Tuesday at 6pm
  12. My faves…. TMF Rose, Marshall is very nice, Henderson is solid, Sulphur Springs, Pine Tree, Texas High LEAST LIKED…. Lufkin (yikes, press box), Crandall is embarrassing for a 5A, Whitehouse feels sterile and cold, the old Bruce Field, and I hear Chapel Hill needs a lot of work
  13. Any OU grads from Tyler High on here? You gotta be like . . . two OSU guys in a row? I know the previous coach was a Tyler High grad . . . but this is strange, no? Is someone on the TISD Board associated with the T. Boone Pickens Foundation? I'm always looking for a good conspiracy
  14. The way kids move around today, everybody takes kids away from everybody. It isn’t just Tyler Lee
  15. I'm joking! Come on, sense of humor. I just picked a sport boys don't have in HS. I agree with you that boys volleyball at those levels is legit. It isn't about a 1960s mind-set. Common sense must always prevail.
  16. I agree @bordertownHigh school extra-curricular activities will never be expense / revenue neutral. I'm not indicting anyone here . . . but after serving 9 years on the school board, I learned how easy it is to add admin people at all levels of the school system without ANY questions asked . . . but if you want add a coach or a sport, everybody would freak out and talk about the money. Trust me, I've seen some positions added administratively that just didn't make sense and my colleagues and I would fight these if we saw they were just "fluffy." Didn't always win those battles. This was many years ago, OK? But oh my gosh, when you want to add a coach because you only had 3 coaches for 170 kids in middle school football . . . people looked at us like we were a Democrat Congress. Thankfully, our current supe fixed that problem.
  17. Timing is everything. Many HCs who are either asked to leave OR they've had enough have to look at their TRS retirement, study their options, negotiate with the ISD on when their contracts will be paid through, etc... BEFORE they commit to retiring or leaving. As soon as the season is over, people want changes and they want them now -- it doesn't work that way. There are a lot of moving parts to "retiring" in Texas. For example, if a coach retires and draws his / her TRS, they cannot work for another state-funded school district in ANY capacity (even a teacher) or they get a permanent reduction of their TRS. They must sit out 12 months. That's just one example of the moving parts . . . just because the season ends and everyone wants to know immediately about the HC, it isn't always that simple. They have families, wife / husband income may be affected, etc... when @MattStepp asked him that, he probably had no idea yet until things like this were figured out. No idea "what he told kids" but some of these exits can take a little more than a few days.
  18. Girls football? Sure, maybe the UIL can also sanction boys volleyball. Hey if girls get to play football why can’t boys play girls volleyball? Inquiring minds…
  19. I get the totals . . . just total the ticket sales. it's saying "THIS" game had "X" attendance that's sketchy to me, which speaks to your overlap comment.
  20. Yes, that’s my take, too. Hate to be technical, and with all due respect to @MattStepp and his list, you can’t compare a multiple game scenario like we have now to a single game matchup. With games before and after, there’s so many fans who stay there or wouldn’t even be there had it not been for their team they’re cheering for. It isn’t apples to apples.
  21. Single game record is 49,500, 1977, Texas Stadium…. Plano vs. PNG for the state championship. I was there, it was amazing. No game has ever come close to that attendance.
  22. He’s 68. 32 years as HC. Amazing career. Those reporters knew something or they wouldn’t have said that…. sideline guy seemed pretty chummy with him. He’s a winner.
  23. That coach for Brock is my new hero. What an amazing response after losing a heartbreaker.
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