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  1. Great win! 2nd half, the offense put it together. Defense just keeps getting better and better, created 3 turnovers. Coaches did a great job with their game planning.
  2. No, a few years ago, the Board of Directors for DQ decided not to renew their deal with Fox Sports SW. I know a DQ higher up and he said they regret it now.
  3. It’s kids doing it. They even stole my picture and made a fake account of me. Should I feel honored (?) conflicted Hopefully, Matt Stepp and his crew can clean it up.
  4. Matt Stepp . . . hope you see this. Someone is doing fake accounts on your Texas Football Friday app for Jacksonville's HC, OC, and DC. The OC came up to me during pre-game last night to make sure I knew that was NOT them. Someone got their pictures off social media and set up these fake accounts . . . really crazy stuff being posted. Look under our game threads in the chat rooms. Jason Holman, Bradley Gandy, and Jason McClendon -- that is NOT them. Pretty upset about it and I told them I would reach out to you. Sorry for the public post , I tried to privately email you on this app but it said you don't accept messages (?) Can you police that and invalidate those accounts? They're all fake. Thanks.
  5. Did CH lose one of their best players to injury?
  6. Jacksonville scrimmaged Kaufman, another 4A D1 school, picked to make the playoffs. Very even scrimmage. In the controlled scrimmage, Kaufman won 2-1. In the LIVE 2 quarters, JAX won 17-14. Ryan McCown threw 3 TDs overall, Devin McCuin had over 100 yards receiving, Jesus Nunez had a 29-yd FG, Koda Canady had two acrobatic catches and clinching scrimmage-win pick at the end, Jayden Boyd, 240lb RB had over 50 yards rushing and 2 catches out of the backfield for about 30 yards. Jermaine Taylor had some great carries, over 40 yards rushing and was a beast at LB. Defense played well, attacked the gaps, but weren't really tested through the air as Kaufman QB was suspect throwing. Kaufman has a solid OL and they have a stud RB #8. JAX has Bullard in a scrimmage this Thursday at Tomato Bowl.
  7. Thank you, @Mavchampappreciate it!
  8. @Mavchampthanks! Sometimes . . . when Jacksonville scores . . . my voice gets as high as a middle school girl. I have to hold my mic behind my back sometimes when a a call doesn't go our way. Sadly, it still comes across sometimes. There's no doubt who the home crews are pulling for. We're not ESPN, CBS, or NBC. Of course each crew is pulling for their team! Not sure what else people would expect, geez. I think the Gilmer guys are great! I worked with Bryan Houston for 6 years on JAX games. Total pro, Longview will be pleased.
  9. Jacksonville heads to Kaufman Friday to scrimmage a team that finished 8-4 in 2021, went 2 rounds, losing to Waco LaVega in Area.
  10. He’s a stud, played him last year.
  11. Don’t sleep on Jacksonville. Yeah, I’m a homer but good things are happening. QB Ryan McCown is back, 3 D1 receivers, Sr Devin McCuin (UTSA), SR Koda Canady (Lamar), and JR Jermaine Taylor, a junior with multiple D1 offers. I really think we will surprise some folks if we have success early and get a winning mojo going before district starts. Tough district but glad to be playing teams in district our own size for a change. Familiar with Lindale and Palestine and Henderson. Been many years since we played CH, Kilgore, and Athens. Looking forward to rekindling old rivalries, it’s been almost 20 years since we have had this district like this.
  12. Gotta stop the Wing T. Crazy offense.
  13. SR Aiden Gay of Jacksonville gets the silver metal in the 5A shot put in Austin this morning with a throw of 55‘6“, a PR by 2 feet!
  14. Jacksonville’s Aiden Gay, ETBU football signee, headed to Austin in shot put. Haven’t seen any coverage on regional meet in newspapers. I’m sure this district had other athletes going (?)
  15. If you want to hear a cool history of East Texas football from Marshall's 1988-1990 run, to Jacksonville's run under Danny Long, and some amazing coaching stories from Danny's coaching tree, listen to this! As usual, David's memory / recall is amazing with some really cool insights. Thanks, Hunter, for getting this together. youtube.com/watch?v=aAbPtgLUj0s
  16. What a classy move this week by the boys soccer coaches in this 5A district. Typically, the team that wins the district has their coach named coach of the year, right? Well, the boys coaches got together and named the girls soccer coach at Nacogdoches high school, Kendra Lockett, as the BOYS coach of the year. Coach Lockett was also named the GIRLS coach of the year by the girls coaches even though Nacogdoches did not win district. Coach Lockett has a 13-year old, Kai, battling cancer …. and her husband was also recently in a traffic accident. Man. So much on her plate …. yet she continued to battle and lead the young ladies in soccer at Nacogdoches. Thought this was a classy move by all the coaches. God bless her and her family. ** I learned of this from Jay Neal, the sports editor of the ‘Jacksonville Daily Progress.
  17. JAX girls soccer, district champ, loses to 4th place Mt Pleasant 2-0 in bi district at Tomato Bowl.
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