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  1. CH will be a huge underdog in this one. I feel it will be a tight game. CH just needs to contain the RB and get to QB and they will have enough to win this game. CH-49 Lindale- 45
  2. I want to say CH is back, but we have to see how they stack up with teams that have gone head to head with state ranked teams week after week. Center loss raised a lot of questions. Overall we are a balanced team. I would like for our coach to open up the play book more because we do have a lot of weapons on offense. CH in general has no quit and will play you until the last second. I’m confident my Bulldawgs have what it takes to pull an upset next week and more impressive on the road.
  3. First District Game. CH-28 Athens-24 Depending on our QB situation. I’m hoping my Dawgs have it figured out now after that horrible loss last week.
  4. Man I didn’t see this coming. Kudos to Center. Y’all came out to play and executed a good game plan to keep our QB in the pocket. Anyone have any updates on our QB?
  5. Good win CH Dawgs. 51-42 final score. Defense did good when we needed it but 42 pts that’s too much to allow. Good job by the secondary getting them interceptions. Great way to start 3-0. Better than last year already
  6. How’s do you guys think this district will turn out. So far by rankings I would rank 1. Kilgore (1-1) 2. Lindale (1-1) 3. Henderson (1-1) 4. Chapel Hill ( My Team) (2-0) 5. Athens (2-0) 6. Palestine (0-2) 7. Mabank (0-2) Determined by strength of schedule and past two games But my Prediction by the end of regular season 1. Chapel Hill (9-1) 2. Kilgore (8-2) 3. Henderson (8-2) 4. Lindale (6-4)
  7. CH Dawgs win but ugly. Our third down defense needs to step it up plus our run defense in the middle on red zone drives. Overall a good balanced offense and mixture of plays this game. Can’t wait for next week. Also, enjoying the live broadcasts.
  8. I would have to disagree on this. You need to play elite teams in predistrict so you can be ready for the doom. There’s no senses of watering down the schedule. State championship run is not easy so why make a team seem like there elite if you don’t have elite competition. Just ask Van and Athens when they had winning seasons (10-0) and they ran into a Doom team in the first round. They were out
  9. Correction my brotha CH beat whitehouse back in 2011 with a score of 59-49. Lol
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