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  1. How is our district looking like? Will we be Dictrict 7 4A D1?
  2. Man what a season these Dawgs had. They beat their goal from last year and making it to the Semi-Final round. What do y’all guys think the CH DAWGS need to do to get them to the Big Game next year. What would you like to see as far as non-district schedules are concerned. I know this is really early for next year, but I have a feeling after Saturday’s loss these DAWGS are hitting the weight room come Monday and focused for next year. I for one concerning Pre-District schedule would like to see 1. Gilmer 2. Carthage 3. John Tyler/ Whitehouse 4. LBJ/ Argyle/Celina
  3. Great Game CH hold your heads up high. Y’all did a great job. Y’all will be back dominating winning back to back to back state Championships.
  4. Just watched Dave Campbells pick show. They are picking LBJ reason being because of the defensive front attacking our QB. Any inputs?
  5. That’s a great analogy, but I think CH learned about scheduling weak pre-district and with the help of a Strong District it really prepared us for Playoffs. LBJ has yet to play a smash mouth football team in the playoffs and they are about to come Saturday.
  6. Cmon man. You and I know real well we needed that loss to Lindale to get us off that high horse. I’ll admit I was on that high as well, but rub it in on a fellow District Foe. Smh They Beat LBJ now let’s do that as well. Which I know we can, but brotha that’s old news. We will relive this rivalry once again next year. Keep it classy my brotha.
  7. We will definitely be able to run the ball pretty good.
  8. Currently watching the LBJ game and I’m seeing that CH will be able to go Toe to Toe with either team. They have us in size but we can match or be a little faster on speed. Our Defense needs to bring our A-game no doubt.
  9. Where did you get that info Where did you get that info brotha?
  10. CH 35 LCM 31 Teams that are in the 4th round now belong here. After what I saw yesterday from CH they are surely ironing out some mistakes. We were fortunate that our defense came thru and held in their. Should be a very competitive game. We faced adversity and didn’t quit.
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