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  1. I’m definitely pulling for Pewitt, but Gunter will be too much in the end! Gunter 28 Pewitt 16!
  2. Lol! Obviously you have way more experience in this than I do! Lol
  3. Obviously! Shouldn’t be, but that’s the way it played out!
  4. Do you have any Ty Slanina type players this year with that type of speed?
  5. Again, Congrats to Pewitt! Hope you take EB to the woodshed and prove everybody else they are wrong about your scrappy team. Definitely made a believer out of me. I sure hate it for these seniors of DF. Just wanted to thank the coaches and players for all your hard work and dedication this year. Thank you for getting redemption against those purple eagles last week as well. 2 years in a roll to the Regional Finals. DF football of the future is looking sweet!
  6. I dishes it out and I can humbly take it! They made us eat crow tonight for sure! BB time now!
  7. Pewitt I guess I’ll be keeping my 6 stages of grief book! Thought I had it memorized after last year, guess I’ll start back reading it. Again congrats, definitely played your butts off!
  8. Hell of a game Pewitt, I’ll take all my crow that I totally deserve.
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