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  1. Put ya high water boots on, its about to get deep!
  2. once he gets done trying to purchase and load the points spread
  3. he'll never admit it but YES, he did!
  4. well, we'll have to wait to hear from him tomorrow, seeing how you tagged the Mods in one of his earlier post, which cost him a 3 day suspension. Good play!
  5. Sure it does! You're more than capable(probably not) to go to those sites, pay the fee and run the prediction yourself!
  6. no weather on Friday but the potential is for Wednesday and a little Thursday
  7. You mean you do not know how to do the spread, you got to be dependent on someone else to do it for you? You slammed ol Kooldown up on the poll question
  8. Could be a slippery field Friday night, who takes the bigger blow from the potential wet ball and field, NB's run game or WO passing game?
  9. NB tightens up and gets the win this week, in another close gamw
  10. Great game lastnight with Jefferson but it really should not have been that close. Seemed as if NB’s line forgot how to block or just wouldn’t block. It just about cost them the game. #6-Senior RB for NB was crawling all in their behinds on the sidelines lastnight because of it, he could be heard clear as day! As for WO, NB should win this game, if the NB/GW game/team shows up. If it the Jefferson game/team, it could be interesting. But, ill say NB wins by 10
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