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  1. Freshman left for baseball so he would’ve left either way. It’s okay though I’d just “Drop” it if you know what I mean.
  2. Well I’m glad you decided to make an account and let us know what the insiders are saying.
  3. For someone that doesn’t know Pearson you sure know a lot about the kids.
  4. Their roster on MaxPreps doesn't list a kid with the same last name as the coach.
  5. Who has dismissed the impact Keeling had at Waskom? I know it’s not any of the Waskom fans.
  6. What about the kids that transferred whose parents aren’t working in Tatum?
  7. What's this got to do with this game? I remember our first time to State...do you?
  8. One of these days these people are going to learn that there’s a difference in “track speed” and “football speed”.
  9. Is wanting to fight someone over a high school football game childish? Asking for a friend.
  10. If you watched film you would know it wasn’t a pass play he’s referring to. You WR guys want people to drop it but yet y’all keep coming in here flapping them gums. WR won end of story.
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