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  1. Yes sir, I tend to hate Argyle and get carried away!
  2. We always talk about the 4A Champs playing for all the marbles. Can we please it happen after the first of the year?!?!? It would be a woodshed beating that Argyle deserves!
  3. Hypothetically, I don't care what you think! You have no clue on what it takes to make it in life. Spoiled brats remain spoiled brats all through life, but congrats on winning tonight!
  4. But they would not host their second trophy tonight, if Carthage did not drop to D2. 2 football championship is cute, let me know when you think you get close to number 8!
  5. Argyle is taking care of business, congratulations! Argyle would not have a chance against Carthage. Carthage would make the Argyle brats one dimensional, stopping the run, and tee off on the QB. You better be glad we dropped in enrollment, our we would own D1 this year! Glad Argyle is not the bridesmaid this year!
  6. It's Dawg Day, time to let the Big Dawgs eat! Who let the Dawgs out?!?!? Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof............. Go Dawgs!!
  7. I am ready for tomorrow. I believe Carthage will win 35 to 14. Seen this picture on Facebook, thought I would share it on here. Go Dawgs!!
  8. It is very possible! He is the only one that quotes himself on Smoaky, and takes up a full page doing it. Must be a lot of Bourbon involved during his day! If Carthage was playing Argyle for the championship, he would be quote every post to get his point across!
  9. There are several available, SeatGeek showed no tickets available several times tonight. I had to refresh SeatGeek and tickets showed up.
  10. I got a code tonight and found seats in the 2nd level. Section 240 and 330 were the best available tonight. I should have bought tickets on the 8th, saving $5 a ticket is not a big deal to me. Either way, I am excited that we get to watch a state football game. Covid has made everything crazy as heck this year! It will be fun to watch Carthage win #8, I have been fortunate enough to watch them win the other 7 championships. Go Dawgs!!
  11. Good luck Lindale, represent East Texas well! Argyle is playing tough football right now, but anything is possible. Lindale has fought their way to get here, continue the fight and shock everyone as underdogs!
  12. Limited number of tickets available is different, I saw several end zone seats available this morning. The schools are offering codes for the parents that are in the different organizations, I just hope to get tickets once the code is released. I looked for tickets for the 7 pm game Friday, nothing was available for that game. Covid football has been different this year, but it's great to be able to watch games this year.
  13. I have read several places on how much Gilmer has improved since the first time we played. I guess they think Carthage has maintained the same level throughout the season. Our defense is giving up an average of 7 points a game and playing tough right now, defense is what wins the big games! I give the much improved Gilmer team 21 and Carthage 42. I would be surprised if they only limited Gilmer to 14 points or less, we should win unless the wheels fall completely off. Surratt has to get a few things lined out from last game, but we should be in good shape going into this game. It is nice to se
  14. Wimberley gave it their all for sure. It must be hard to put forth that much effort for 7 points, the defense did pretty good against our offensive line. Wimberley's little Jr High sized boys tackled pretty good, good speed to the ball. Dawgs will get ready for next week, and win #8! Go Dawgs!!
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