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  1. If you're talking about Deadwood Texas, be careful. That is one place that you don't dance to the banjo music, unless you get a personal invitation to the party!
  2. Trivia question: What is 101 to 21? Good game China Spring! Good season Gilmer!
  3. Bringing the cow bells and making some noise...............for China Spring. I am also looking forward to watching the Div 1 game, going to be a great game too!
  4. Question is, will Gilmer be the bride or the bridesmaid this year? At least you got an invitation to the wedding!
  5. When what you try doesn't work, we all know the playbook has to open up in an attempt to get something going. If you run the same plays over and over and lose, then everyone starts trying to throw the coaches under the bus. How many times have we read those comments on message boards?
  6. It was all about game plan and execution. Carthage offense struggled several times this year, leaving the defense on the hook to pick up the slack. A good defense scheme wins games, that is plain and simple why CS won. It will be a great game Friday, looking forward to watching it in person.
  7. True, that is why it's is a stretch to call someone the best. The state of Texas has some athletes, but I understand supporting your team! We have all seen stud athletes that stood out and and played at the next level. You don't have to label those players, their play defines them!
  8. 70 to 14 and 28 to 7 ring a bell? He is an athlete but the best QB two years running is a huge stretch. With a good defense and pressure, the "real QB" is not as impressive.
  9. I was one of them, got an upset stomach with all the crow that I consumed! Lol I have watched China Spring play Carthage and WOS, they are pretty fast and athletic on both sides of the ball. CS made several mistakes early against WOS, then settled in and played their game. I have watched Gilmer play Carthage, Lindale, and Celina, we all know what they are capable of. If the penalties are an issue Friday, like they were against Celina, then I believe CS will capitalize on them. In a game of matchups, I give the defensive edge to CS. Both offenses offer a lot, I can't see one being that much greater than the team. Coaching adjustments will be a major factor also.
  10. I believe China Spring will be able to handle the three headed monster of Gilmer, #11, #17, and #29. My prediction, CS 35 Gilmer 21. If Gilmer commits a lot of penalties like last night, it will not be pretty at all.
  11. I have seen him play against Carthage several times. I know how explosive he can be at times, but I have also seen him look like he is struggling to find a rhythm. I feel Celina will put pressure on him and not let Tennison pick them apart. I cannot be too impressed with his ability, when they have only scored 21 points in the last 2 games against Carthage, with him as quarterback.
  12. Celina's defense causing havoc is what I see happening. If Tennison has time, he can burn you passing and is a very good on design runs. A good defense will beat Gilmer, but you will have to handle Gilmer's speed the entire game. I believe that Celina will win this battle, but it should be one hell of a game!
  13. Yes, that was not a very fun game to watch either!
  14. The beating we took from LA Vega, I believe in 2015, was the worst one sided game I have watched under current coaching staff.
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