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  1. Barber Shop talk is he moved in with a coach
  2. Who's the front runner for baseball coach
  3. Say it ain't so! HS would probably take your kids if they are any good at Baseball
  4. Job is still posted on website, has interviews even started?
  5. 2A (new 3A ) school that I've noticed allnight follows closely, is NE of Canton I didn't say he applied, just knew who you was referencing
  6. I'm not sure Brandon L. is 4A (new 5A) material
  7. I agree it gives the district champs a little reward, but I think it should be done at lower levels too especially with the watered down 4th place team getting in
  8. What should the qualifications be? Winning Percentage? Playoff Appearances? Playoff Wins? State Tournament Appearances?
  9. That sure narrows it down to about 50
  10. Would you like to expand on that?
  11. Have interviews started? Anything new on this?
  12. Is Coach Ed doing the color commentary again this week? Don't want to give him to much props but he did well last week!
  13. W10 Argyle (27-8-1) Vs. W13 Pleasant Grove (24-10) Game 1: May 22nd, 7:00, @McKinney Boyd Game 2: May 23rd, 7:00, @NTCC (Mt. Pleasant) Game 3: May 24th, 2:00, @NTC (Mt. Pleasant)
  14. If we''re keeping score ya add Carlisle and Harleton
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