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  1. Franklin vs East Bernard Friday 7:30 Cypress Berry Center
  2. Yes the defense played bad, however Franklin's special teams let Crockett back in this game. Two onside kicks recovered by Crockett back to back. When Franklin offense had the ball they would score. I think a few tweaks by Hedrick and his crew will have this machine back in tune for next weeks game. Lol or he may be sitting in the corner of the gym the week after watching the boys dribble that round ball.
  3. I am going with Franklin, however if the Franklin team that played Crockett shows up it may be a long night for the Lions. Yes they put up a lot of points but they played too sloppy in which East Bernard will put the game out of reach should that happen again. Wonder where this will be played..
  4. Let's start the talk... Who you got?
  5. Franklin won 76-50 tonight Franklin won 76-50 tonight Bremond won big also
  6. Franklin moving ball 6:00 minutes left Franklin moving ball 6:00 minutes left on 5 yard line
  7. Franklin will score again and then start clock management.
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