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  1. at tv now 7 day free trial . Get the max package 80.00. Put in your zip to see if they carry it in your area.Make sure you cancel before the 7 days. You can also chat on the same page and they will answer any questions you have.
  2. Carthage by at least 2td's. Carthage is solid on both sides of the ball especially on defense.I think Gilmer will need to pass the ball more .
  3. Thanks guys . I'll look into at&t for sure. It's terrible they these providers don't live up to there contracts with consumers.
  4. I'm looking as well. Foxsportsgo claims they don't charge for a subscription but they do from all indications.Dish is my tv provider which don't carry fssw anymore.Suddenlink is my cable/wifi provider and they say subscription required. I do have roku too.I'm not too savy on all this.I do enjoy watching texan live on roku smart tv and it's worth the subscription. Anyone have any idea please post.
  5. You would think henderson news would but they don't .I haven't seen them it in any paper or local tv stations yet unless i missed it.
  6. I would say about 10 miles outside of henderson on farm market road 225. You'll miss it if not careful :)
  7. This small team doesn't receive much recognition in the media .They are heading to the semi -finals this friday night against leggett.Good luck to them !
  8. You gilmer folks remember the buckeyes playing navasoto at Sfa . Gilmer was down like 2 touchdowns and they came within minutes to win the game.I'm still trying to remember what year that was...it's been awhile back
  9. Congrats carthage ! You played disciplined football and got it done !
  10. Looking good for carthage ! That #21 is good player for vega. I like the combo running and passing carthage is doing now.I don't see too many adjustments except possibly on defense. A win is a win .
  11. I wish i could watch this one....fubotv is streaming hockey right now on fssw. I'm glad i'm ending this free trial saturday.Bright side i'll get too watch Cartthage and vega anyway.
  12. I'm picking Carthage for all the marbles...even if they are the underdogs they have a chance, and that what makes it exciting to me.
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