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  1. I'm looking as well. Foxsportsgo claims they don't charge for a subscription but they do from all indications.Dish is my tv provider which don't

    carry fssw anymore.Suddenlink is my cable/wifi provider and they say subscription required. I do have roku too.I'm not too savy on all this.I do enjoy watching texan live on roku smart tv and it's worth the subscription. Anyone have any idea please post.

  2. If Carthage gets 2 td's ahead in any part of the game it's all she wrote .  I'm curious to see how the dawgs defense does

    with there offense. Hopefully the penalties will be to a minimum. My prediction is still the same carthage wins by at least 3 td's.

  3. I'm glad Carthage is playing this team instead of liberty hill.I think Carthage will play mediocre  the first half and the surrat and company will

    make there adjustments at half time.I don't think Carthage will play conservative either. They will go on 4th down and short yardage if the game is close or not..I think carthage will bust it loose in the second half and win the game by at least 3 td's :)   Imho anyway :)


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