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  1. Bulldogs by at least 4 td's . I'm assuming this will be broadcasted on the radio as well..won't be able to make it to game.
  2. I lived in palestine the year they won state champs in 1964 . I went to the game i was only 3 years old.My dad told me quiet a few stories about Super Bill ...and said he was an(quarterback) amazing athlete. Our station wagon was loaded with kids around the neighborhood headed to state game :) I slept most of time and just don't remember much at that age.
  3. Good game . I'm assuming lions get 3rd seed and plays heritage ?
  4. Carthage wins but i believe kilgore will put some extra effort into this game just to prove themselves they they can play with one of the best in the state....of course i could be wrong. Carthage by 17 points.
  5. This could go either way.I'm picking lions just because they can mix up a little with the passing game...and do take some risk. Henderson needs to hang on to the ball more . Van will probably never advance deep in the playoffs because of there passing game. This is why carthage does so well in the playoffs because Surrat takes chances and risk..they have a good mixture of passing and running and i'm sure some trick plays as well from what i'v seen.
  6. Kilgore will and can surprise you
  7. lions but close because of the wet conditions
  8. I'm picking Van because of there Defense....but if Kilgore can eliminate mistakes they could win since it's at home.
  9. If henderson can keep there starters healthy they will be contenders for sure.
  10. So there is 5 out as i stated earlier....it's a pretty much a must win for H if they want to make the playoffs..so maybe they will put in the extra effort.
  11. I've heard there is 5 starters out for henderson including medford....correct me if i'm wrong. If this is the case Kilgore wins easily.
  12. Hard fought game ...good luck to both teams down the road
  13. I believe these 2 teams are about as equal in talent as you can get imo. Less mistakes and penalties will win this one. I'm going with the dawgs by 10.Regardless both teams should go deep in the playoffs .
  14. Yes it is...Hey Jett did you have your famous whataburger patty melt and grilled jalapenos tonight ?
  15. Yea look like gilmer defense isn't too shabby right now either !
  16. Newton offense solid . I'm picking gilmer and should be a close one.
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