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  1. When you only have one dimensional offense this is what happens. You have to have a passing game.
  2. This one may turn into a offensive struggle . Will see what happens the 2nd half.
  3. I guess i'll have to watch this one on the computer.My fox sports southwest is not showing till friday morning (recorded).
  4. This is the state championship . I doubt he is going to put backups until the last quarter.
  5. I wonder if there is some type of scoring maximum rule in the uil ? If there is Mart could reach it.
  6. Mart is an outstanding team and they have hardware to proof it. Prayers go out for the young man no matter what team he is playing for.I'm going with the underdog Gruver by 7 . I'm going to grab me a dq burger and kick back front of the TV here shortly.
  7. 68 game winning streak by celina from 1998 to 2002. They have moved up to to 2 classifications which obviously makes it tougher imo as for as competition goes.
  8. You have a good point there for sure. They steam rolled Carthage defensive lineman and from all the talk before the game they was the best in the state.Of course that game is over and done with so no need to dwell there. Like you said the advantage LV has is they have played LH before and i'm sure the LV coaches will be preparing the players . They still have to butt heads so it's going to be interesting ! Looking forward to it myself.
  9. I'm sure it was beating Celina ! Very well known back in the day for winning state crowns .
  10. I was wrong they have won 2 state championships in lower division if that counts.
  11. Fox sports southwest may be calling you soon Seriously we will know come friday for sure.I picked LV but will be rooting for LH since they never won a state crown before.#17 for LV is a concern for sure .Take care and keep up the good work.
  12. Agreed. Anything can happen in the playoffs.Good example Allen getting beat by duncanville.
  13. Members 7 108 posts Report post Posted 55 minutes ago I think LV will jump on them quick and LH will never catch up. LV by at least 20
  14. I agree they are not a passing team but LH they did make a few completions tonight for descent yardage.The only disadvantage running this type of offense if they get behind say a couple of touchdowns it 's going to be very hard to come back clock wise if their playing a strong offense that can pass and run the ball like LV.On the other hand if they can run on LV then it will be very close. And does LV have the physical stamina for a close ground and pound game ? I haven't made my pick either way yet.
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