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  1. Well if LH can't run on vega there going to have a problem becasue they don't pass much. If i was LH i would come up with a passing game on vega ....surprise them...that's if they have any receivers to catch. They did have one good pass on the bulldogs tonight right down the middle that did well.
  2. Your right there....turnovers can make a difference.LV knows LH offense i'm assuming since they've allready played them a couple of times.
  3. I agree ...Carthage should've had 2 more touchdowns added to there score.Of course the wind was blowing fairly hard too.
  4. I watched it . Carthage should've beaten them. If they played again carthage would beat them. LH is very tricky ground and pound and they hide the ball well. Not much size but tough.I was hoping Carthage would get a turn over there at the last.
  5. Good game Carthage....I picked LH 3 to 10 points. Great game ! Carthage will be a beast next year with a lot of returners coming back.
  6. I know you are :) Same here too :) I'll eat my crow like a man :) Know i picked carthage over henderson by at least 3 td's in one of my posts.:)
  7. Who cares what you think. I can guarantee you this Carthage will get beat sooner or later. You can write that down in your cutting edge stuff journal lol I'm from east texas and live close to carthage.I'm just making my pick .
  8. LH 3 to 10 points .I believe LH will have something new up there sleeve ..maybe some screen passes etc :)
  9. Like i said in my previous post LH is good at hiding the ball and quick coming off the ball.There is no doubt in my mind Carthage can score points either running or passing.I do think keeping turnovers to a minimum is very significant . Both of these teams has played quality 5a teams so i do think it's going to be a physical smash mouth match.
  10. Does anyone know if this game will be streamed anywhere ? Can't make the trip but would love to see it.
  11. They hide the ball or try to anyway on there running approach....more or less sneaky . They are smaller than carthage but aggressive and physical for there size.Passing isn't there cup of tea really from what i've seen.Who knows they may try something different in this round.
  12. LH is very physical ---ground and pound.If carthage can stop there run they win.If Liberty hill controls the clock it will be a nail biter either way imo.Carthage is potent on the run and in the air.This time of year in playoffs you have to take some risky plays ---Carthage will take some risk if need to be. I'm rooting for Carthage but my pick is LH by 10.
  13. With Mason's QB being ejected this could change the whole scheme of things now. Close possible imo.
  14. No they will not come back....too may pentalties and mason is taken advantage of it. Mason is running and passing on them with no problem.That is why they are 13-0 I'm watching on texanlive.
  15. I'm watching it on texanlive. No doubt Newton has capitalize on DF's turnovers which has ran up the score.Newton's QB and running backs are very talented with size and speed.
  16. Rooting for henderson ......my pick is carthage by at least 3 td's. Henderson can't stop either there run game or passing game.Carthage will have to have a bad night for henderson to have a chance....plus we are playing at lobo stadium which i can't remember when the last time we have won there in a playoff game if ever.
  17. congrats Tigers...good season Indians .Never know in 3rd or 4 th rounds anything can happen.
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