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  1. Carthage can beat liberty hill. Both teams are explosive and consistent .This is the playoffs so anything can happen.
  2. i noticed texanlive.com will be carrying this game.
  3. I'm rooting for any east texas team ....but my pick is liberty hill.They are explosive and there running back is a beast from what i've seen.
  4. They are not playing at sfa from what i just heard from a good source.
  5. I hope they don't choose longview lobo stadium for the next round if Van wins if you know what i mean.
  6. Hang in there lions. PG has 7 starters returning. 4 O 3 D according to dave campbell. . Will see how it plays out the 2nf half.
  7. This may allready be posted somewhere ...don't know. I picked up the dave campbell's high school magazine for this year and lufkin is picked to win state in there division and longview is picked to lose in the state finals.That is impressive for 5a and 6a of east texas.Of course that is just a pick and anything can happen during the season like injuries that can change the whole course of things.
  8. When you have a tough district it pays off in the playoff runs.Kennedale needs to do some type of short pass screen plays or something because there run game is getting shut down.It's too late anyway....it's over .
  9. Carthage by at least 16. Surrat will take some risky plays if need to but more than likely not with Carthage defense.
  10. Does anyone know if this game will be broadcasted on radio ?
  11. Hoping WR wins but picking newton by at least 2 td's.
  12. Henderson has had bad luck in the past at lobo stadium.....hopefully somewhere else with enough room so the fans don't have to sit in the endzone. I wish we could play somewhere like SFA with some capacity. This could go either way...both teams are have good momentum.I'm picking henderson by 3 this round.
  13. I'm not a big dire fan of basketball but i do want to recognize this 1a school outside of henderson. I did keep up wih the scoring through out the game and they was behind all the way until the 4th quarter...great comeback for these kids. They play tomorrow at 12 noon in Austin.. This will be the semi-finals...one game before state.If we can see this live streaming please post.
  14. I agree.Navasota's 2012 team then could go deep in the playoffs if they were playing a class up.I would like to see Wos and carthage tangle for all the marbles.It would be very interesting the way carthage plays second half play.
  15. Great run and you guys deserve it .....there size didn't intimidate you at all.Rest and relax now.
  16. Get your popcorn ready :) It won't be long. I'm picking mineola by at least 2 td's. It's pretty nice to see this one televised also.
  17. I'm rooting for carthage but my pick is AW by 7.I feel like this will be a grinding, physical game .
  18. missed it by one....patting myself on the back lol Great job dawgs !
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