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  1. Exactly ....Arp has the speed no doubt. Screens would be another option if they do screens.Arp can beat this bunch.
  2. I'm watching on texaslive. It's a close one. I would like to see Arp run to the out side more.Of course the fumble did hurt arp.
  3. Another come back by carthage in the second half.... Now if CS blows them out the first half say 3 td's this will be a different story.Carthage by 7 .
  4. Good job and coaching by Carthage....another great second half come back.Le Vega will be the favorite but if Carthage can come out strong they will have a chance.
  5. Congrats Waskom . Hard physical game by franklin also. My 2 td prediction was close :)
  6. Congratulations waskom.... great game Idalou. I'll pick waskom to win state by at least 2 td's against franklin
  7. Is this one going to be broadcasted locally on radio ? kykx maybe ? Thanks
  8. I know this is early but if anyone knows the radio station this one will be broadcast on i appreciate it. Thanks
  9. Thanks Wr....have to listen to my ole school alma-mater :)
  10. Any radio broadcast here ? Thanks guys and ladies.
  11. Will this one be radio broadcast ? I would really like to listen to this one if possible. I'm rooting for Kilgore but my pick is carthage by at least 12 points.
  12. Argyle wins this one in a close one.No doubt navasota's offense is explosive but defense is nothing special like 2012.I'm going against the predictions here.
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