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  1. Waskom is moving the ball very well and a physical game.
  2. I'm not getting no football on 92.1....i'll try again
  3. Would if GW doesn't grind it out but still put up points? Gimer will turn around and score also because they have weapons in the run and pass. Would if Gilmers offense struggles against what should be the best defense they will have seen? Very possible if Gilmer runs the middle with mackey on defense but gilmer will and can go outside or pass....I also think Gw can run on Gilmer too from what i've seen.
  4. This could be a great and close game If gladewater can control the clock and just grind it out on offense ...otherwise Gilmer will win by 3 or 4 td's.Gladewater needs to score on just about every possesion to win it .Gilmer has so may weapons and can score quick inside and out whomever they play.I'm rooting for the underdogs !
  5. Chill has regained their momentum and kept their compusure the 2nd half.Got to play aggressive in the playoffs and take some risks.Good job dogs.
  6. Yea i think Ch has improved and kilgore is going to be tough whomever they play.Also think Henderson and Carthage is equal imo. Henderson or carthage could very well be in the top 2...we will see soon.
  7. Chapel Hill could very well be the #1 contender in the district if they keep the momentum going and be consistent ,The talent is there.Good job.
  8. Hey guys any internet radio broadcast for this game. Thanks
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