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  1. Region 3 has been the toughest four years but since West Rusk moved up Gladewater move down Atlanta move down Tatum move down and they move Malakoff to Region 2 I think it makes it a pretty tough District also. It wasn't just because Malakoff move there were several other factors involved believe it or not some of us think before we speak.
  2. 88 was it you that put up your rankings or YOE09? whomever it was I thought that one was pretty solid.
  3. Nope not an accurate one but, comparably, there is a most accurate one.
  4. That's an opinion not a title...lol. Region 2 is pretty stacked this year as well. Our district blows this year though...lol
  5. I think YOE09 has the most accurate....lol
  6. Lions keep rolling that Diesel along!
  7. Malakoff JV. 42. Dallas Life JV 7 Malakoff 8th 42. Dallas 6 Malakoff 7th 14 Dallas 28
  8. Going with the Lions. I am happy for the Goats improvement but I am not fully convinced yet. I think the running game of the Lions is the difference.
  9. I agree West will win District and go probably 3 deep before succumbing to a tougher team.
  10. Gilmer should win this easily. It would be a catastrophic failure of sorts if SH won this game.
  11. I actually think Jefferson should be a little higher. They appear to be pretty solid so far.
  12. I went to the game. West Rusk is the real deal. They overcame 4 turnovers to win that game.
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