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  1. Forney is coached really well but they don't have near the athletes Longview will trout out there. Forney has a few kids at WR that can go but I like the Lobos big in this one.
  2. I see that pipeline isn't drying up anytime soon. Lufkin has a small window with these 10th graders because we don't have much coming up. They 9th graders have some pieces that should fit nicely in 2 years when they're SRs. I'm all in on my futures bet lol. Sorry im Iate bro you know I don't venture over here to often.
  3. You guys talking Texas recruiting are in my wheel house. I tried to catch up on what all has been said from about page 30 and on. I don't think Texas ends up #1. Alabama is probably going to finish at the top but a top 3 finish is gonna happen maybe 2 if we can go out and have a big season. Missing on Hill hurt. Not sure what to think of David Hicks. Gut tells me OU. Toviano is a mystery but I'm getting LSU vibes. Wonder if Texas circles back around for Bravion Rodgers. Texas in desperate need of an edge player. Wilson is probably a pipe dream but Akana I think is a reality. Jordan Matthews going to the Vols was also a bummer.
  4. I like to think I showed him that but they didn't let me play WR after middle school
  5. Sorry I'm late to the party lol. It was looking like it was going to be Texas but the spots are feeling up. They told him he would have to commit before Hale to guarantee a spot. Texas is still pushing as of now. Now TCU has emerged as the favorite if he doesn't choose Texas. Malcolm Kelley has been huge in his recruitment to the Horned Frogs. Houston still on the outside looking in and he loves Cal but it's to far from home. Oklahoma is pretty much out of it at this point. He is in no rush to make a decision.
  6. Most Lufkin fans have checked out. Lufkin should beat Nac fairly easy tomorrow night unless our offense wets the bed again. Which is possible I suppose. Lufkin is on the uptick. These 10th graders we got are going to special. They probably got at least 5-6 D1 kids in that class alone and another 5 to 6 that should no doubt play college football at some level.
  7. Someone from Longview has a pretty dang good FB live going. Just search Longview vs Denton Ryan
  8. Because DeSoto would beat Carthage by 40+ yearly
  9. My guy checked in at #102 overall in the ESPN 300. I can't wait for the season to start. Temple is about to give Westlake all they want.
  10. Talent comes in cycles. JT and Lufkin are both playing a lot of young kids.
  11. Temple will be playing there's on YouTube tonight. There is a loop hole somewhere.
  12. You will understand after tonight what we have been trying to tell you guys all season
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