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  1. Talent comes in cycles. JT and Lufkin are both playing a lot of young kids.
  2. Temple will be playing there's on YouTube tonight. There is a loop hole somewhere.
  3. You will understand after tonight what we have been trying to tell you guys all season
  4. To see the meltdown from the Lobo faithful if they lost this one would be priceless lol.
  5. I'll have Nasty tuned up Friday night. I'll need you to be my eyes again lol. I'll be at my son game as they take on Waxahachie. The kid has had a decent sophmore season for Temple a little over 600 total yards with 8 TDs. I was telling PA 2020 has been weird maybe something strange happens at Lobo Friday night. Ill have Chad bring the magic 8 ball.
  6. Lol them Bayou Bengals looking rough. The Longhorns haven't been much better. Lufkin is building for the future. Hopefully the coaching staff gets it figured out. I'd be shocked if Lufkin beats Longview Friday night.
  7. Credit is going to be a good one. I played with his dad on the 04 team. Good kid. Lufkin is taking lumps now but the future very bright.
  8. I'll be honest with you I don't know. I'm rooting for Lindale. I just lived in that area for a 8 years when I was stationed at Ft Hood and have coached against some of those LBJ kids when they were 11 and 12. Some of those kids don't even live in the school district. The parents came together and made sure to funnel there kids to that school.
  9. I'm a veteran and I support people peacefully protesting however they want.
  10. LBJ has two Safeties one with a Alabama offer (McCutchen) and one with a Clemson offer in McKuba or something like that. They have 2 really solid RBs. This team is pretty much the Austin Steelers from Friday night tykes. This is a 4A mini all star team.
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