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  1. I'm hoping Lufkin can go south to Houston and possibly Region 3. Although I can see you in maybe a District 8 situation keeping us in 2.
  2. This game shouldn't be close. Forney likes to run their mouth. The trash talk between Tatum and Riggins will be epic. I hope you guys beat the holy you know what out of them.
  3. Yeah Wheels coming off late 42-21 Forney 3:24 left. There sophomore RB has to be over 200 easy.
  4. Both QBs hurt. Kedren Young is playing QB now. We going option lol Forney just scored
  5. Yeah we're batting. Starting QB got hurt 1st series and hasn't came back. They're good but they not on your level.
  6. It did look like a bad spot but the camera angle wasn't the best on the TISD YouTube channel so I couldn't tell for sure.
  7. It was just a bad call. You can call a hold every play and unless it directly effects the play or it's just completely obvious then you let it ride. I'm not saying it wasn't a hold even though I didn't see it. It definitely didn't effect the play.
  8. I thought Tyler got hosed at the end. I think McNorth is very fortunate they got up on Tyler because once they settled down it was all Cujo.
  9. Yeah I was like what in the bootleg broadcast Tyler got going on. I'll call the games for free concessions if they need someone .
  10. This game last year Kedren broke Denvis Manns single game rushing record with 319 or somewhere in there. I imagine he is going to have another big night against them again.
  11. What is the actual YouTube channel that will have it? I can't find anything that has shown any Tyler games outside of NFHS?
  12. To be fair you was crying during the 1st quarter of the Legacy game. That's just what you do. This is the type of Lufkin fan that actively roots against the kids I be telling people about.
  13. I enjoy his post game interviews. Some coaches you hear them and it's just coach talk. With him it's all authentic.
  14. Lol I hear you. I'm really looking forward to your guys game with McKinney North. Would be Nice to see all 3 of the East Texas schools make the playoffs.
  15. I still like our chances to make the playoffs. I just don't think other teams will be able to do to us what Longview did Friday night. Not saying we will beat Forney but the rest of the district seems very manageable.
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