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  1. LBJ has two Safeties one with a Alabama offer (McCutchen) and one with a Clemson offer in McKuba or something like that. They have 2 really solid RBs. This team is pretty much the Austin Steelers from Friday night tykes. This is a 4A mini all star team.
  2. He's just keeping it real. Lufkin is a young football team. It might be close for a quarter but Longview should roll big in this one. I do agree Moore will probably throw it 50+ times. Unless half of the Lobos show up with covid McManus should have his full basketball team come Monday.
  3. Nope but hopefully the Longview QB struggles throwing it to him. Im not expecting much from Lufkin in this one. They're are more worried about running their mouth then playing football. Team captains are poor leaders.
  4. That Lufkin vs Longview fish game would had been worth the price of admission.
  5. Their A team lost to Lufkin A team 42-13. Longview fish should roll big.
  6. Lufkin is playing 8 sophomores on defense. Going to be a long year. We literally just called up a sophomore JV LB to replace another sophomore.
  7. Longview got a good run defense. Really a good defense period. As long as you guys dont turn it over multiple times I like the Lobos.
  8. This is the game I wanna see this week. This will give me an idea of how bad Lufkin is and how good Temple might be. Longview was able to shut down Samari Howard week 1 and he's really good. Not quite Miller good but he's going power 5 too. So can Legacy throw the ball good enough to keep Longview out the box because if they can't I dont think Miller can get going as talented as he is. On the other side can Legacy stop Kaden Meridith. I don't know. I do think Legacy is a good football team. I do think they could beat Longview but I like the Lobos in a close one.
  9. That I'm not sure. I would agree that caliber of LB in a close game can make a difference possibly.
  10. I think this game will be interesting. Marshall beat a pretty decent team in New Caney who has one of the top rated LBs in the country. Then you got Longview still trying to figure its way out with the young guns at QB. I'm going to hold off on a official prediction until I see tape on Marshall but right now I would think Longview is clearly the favorite.
  11. I thought Allen for sure should had got more burn. I didnt want to say anything but during the scrimmage against Texas High I knew he wasn't going to be there yet. Hell the Allen led the opening drive for a TD. But I dont watch the kids everyday. What did you think about my kid out there ?
  12. Longview is going to have to get those QBs developed. The lack of a vertical passing game really hurt the Lobos tonight. Temple loaded the box. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Temple played overall didn'tsee that coming. My guy finished with 6 catches on 7 targets for 35 yards. Dropped what should had been 6. Although it would had been a tough catch and honestly there was about 3 other times he went right by his man and would had been a layup TD but the QB was either sacked our missed him.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/templewildcats/status/1308145504442875911
  14. I like how Lufkin looked in the scrimmage last week. The new look offense is going to allow us to mix it up more and give different looks. Also think it will help Berry get going down hill in the run game. I thought he looked good. Moore was impressive and the WR #3 can't think of his name. These guys are going to be a tough out down the road.
  15. Agree at 6'0 he's probably got over 30 offers. It's sad kids like that get over looked. I have no doubt he could had played some type of nickleback at a power 5. As for replacing Quentin Johnston the current #1 WR is AJ McDuffey a Texas Southern commit. Good certainly not the force QJ was. Luke Allen is another good slot WR. He went 11.1 in the 100m last year before covid. They both caught TDs in the scrimmage last week. So to answer the question it's going to have to be WR by committee this year.
  16. I think that's the big question for Temple is the back end. Can Longviews sophomore QBs play consistent enough in the pass game to open it up. I dont know it's hard to gauge a scrimmage lol. I think Texas High and College Station are both going to be really good teams this year we probably agree on that. Of course what I'm looking forward to the most is how well Mikal will plays off script on the move this game. He can take it 70 at anytime and I do expect him to really put pressure on the Longview defense in the RPO game. With that said he is still a 15 year old kid going against one of the top programs in Texas so not expecting him to play flawless. Now my closing argument lol. I talked to several coaches last year that told me that LB you guys had last year was the best they had ever seen on film at the HS level. How much of an impact will that have replacing a player like that. I think we all agree Longview probably has more talent but I think it's close enough and young enough to make for a really interesting game.
  17. If Longview gets the play action pass going that will lead to some big plays. Temple has to stay disciplined in that department and if Temple can't stop the run then the flood gates could open up. I'm banking on they will be much better up front vs the run this go around at least I hope so lol
  18. They looked really good against the run. I think they can limit Meridith and company this season. My question is can the sophomores Allen and Grant get it done through the air consistently enough. Temple lost its entire back end and that could be problematic. Jalen does scare me and would definitely play him with FS over the top. Temple didn't play bad offense at all in the scrimmage. A TD in the live portion came off the board for taunting. I'm definitely optimistic especially when #7 comes in the game at QB lol. Of course I gotta go with the Cats lol
  19. I think this this one will be much more competitive then last year.
  20. Temple will play 2 QB system vs Longview. Not sure if we will see MHP play another position.
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