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  1. Looks really good. Especially that last jump ball both feet down. Is he still 14 ? He just might be the best to come through Longview at that position. Dorian was good and Malcolm was too but he looks way a head of them at that point.
  2. Lol to his credit I had to go back and see if you were the one that brought up Spring Hill. It almost went over my head
  3. Considering they will be so young. I can't see how this won't be there greatest challenge. Longview is pretty dang good. Maybe they face a better team down the road but they will be older and better prepared because of this. I need you guys to show up with the fumbles Friday lol.
  4. I agree. I don't know how Temple can hold you under 40 at this point outside of the Temple offense establishing a running game and controlling the clock which I don't think they will be able to do consistent enough Friday. The may be able to get a couple of quick strikes because they do have some weapons. Defensively I've been telling my guy to watch that dang TE on that PA and the boot leg. Think about it though. These youngsters on defense won't see anything like this Longview team the rest of their HS careers. Going to be good for experience.
  5. 100% agree. Getting stoned wall by Waller was depressing. Our LT now literally no BS is probably 170 pounds tops. Just going to enjoy whatever run we have in us. Yeah without Moore we probably loose to CS and Magnolia. I would almost scrap the run game all together and go full blown Washington St. Pass blocking ain't great but it's definitely better then our run blocking.
  6. Yeah pretty similar to McKinney North as far as the spread with H-back and what not. I hadn't thought about it until you said it but from what MN did last season vs Lufkin offensively pretty much same type of offense. You must have a really good source because that is a really good comparison. Must be a coach lol.
  7. He can run like Duffey for sure. I'm telling you he's a lot faster then he looks. Not saying he's as good because he's not but he can go in open field. Hard to explain. Just looking at him you're like no way then he starts going and he's just pulling away from defenders. He has to be a legitimate 4.4 kid. With that said. I've seen him make some of the worst decisions throwing the ball. Doesn't have a big arm at all.
  8. I really hadn't seen Rockwall offense outside highlights. I was definitely talking out the a$$ but they're definitely better then Lufkin's mainly because our offensive line is the worst I'm guessing since the 92 Panthers. I love Polk but he's not quite Quienten Johnston at WR. Temple a little deeper in the backfield. Now Jordan Moore is better then Vance Willis. He can't run like Vance but he's definitely better overall. When I saw Rockwall with only 35 on Tyler Lee it definitely makes me think Temple might be better. Nacogdoches had 28 on that same defense. But you know how that is projecting numbers vs common opponent's.
  9. 007 would have his feet kicked back without a care in the world if it was on Texanslive. Freaking fair weather fan.
  10. I thought about watching on my phone while I was at the Lufkin game but I don't need to fight that kind of cold for a bi district. I'll have Big Nasty blasting threw my Alexa Dot while I watch Temple in the comfy confines while I have my diamond swisher's at arm's length away.
  11. Wonder how big of a factor the weather is going to play. Going to be real cold Friday night. Texanslive looking more likely by the second.
  12. Lol smh. The Logistics was from Northshore point of view. You guys just had WM on the schedule. They got way more tradition and history then Northshore. I understand where you're coming from. As a fan you want to see those types of match-ups but also have to realize the metroplex and GHA can find equal competition without having to go out of the way. Then some school districts don't even allow it. You have brought up Katy leaving Houston that was nearly 20 years ago. John King and Longview don't need those programs to be considered great. Personally would love to see these match-ups too for Lufkin.
  13. Oh wow. I'll have to talk with my son but I may stay home and watch it if he gives me his blessing lol. I've been on the road just about every weekend this year either watching him or coaching my 8U travel football team. Talk about a nightmare. I would show these kids how to line up all week and every week and like clock work on gameday they are all over the place. Literally having to call timeouts just to put them kids in place lmao.
  14. Get your boy Quickie he's still stuck in the 90's. I would like Lufkin to get pay back on Garland but 16 years later I'm loosing 0 sleep over it.
  15. Yeah but I'm telling you he doesn't look like much but he can run. It wasn't a serious injury but no doubt he's probably not 100%. I'm more worried about him throwing then his mobility. He has to be able to get Johnston the ball. Totally different body type at WR then Nijiba-Smith. I think Longview will definitely have to alter the coverage to make sure he's doubled at all times. He is big and physical and if they have one thing in their favor it is him. Im really hopping Temple can establish the run not holding my breathe on that one lol.
  16. I got you man. I know exactly what they're up against. I do really believe they have the talent offensively to cause your Lobos some trouble if the blocking holds up and they execute. Will it happen ? I don't know but they're certainly more then capable offensively. I'll be honest. Defensively I'm not sure what they can do to stop Longview outside of the Lobos shooting themselves in the foot. I definitely need a little lady luck. I don't think Temple will win but I do think they can have a good account for themselves in they get off the bus believing in each other. I'll be the first one to root the Lobos on after this week but for right now Go Cats lol
  17. Not nearly as far as NS would have to go to get to Longview and you see Katy hadn't been back since. We also got NS to come Lufkin it took a freaking Hurricane though. Longview doesn't need those teams to justify their program.
  18. Huh Coppell was legit back then. You making 0 sense. You got a chance to play a team with some of the best up and coming talent and you want a 4-6 team that hadn't been relevant in a decade ?
  19. So you're comparing where Lufkin is geographically vs Northshore and the surrounding teams in the respective areas ? Let's break it down Barney style for you. Northshore and Katy 30 minutes for a game. Northshore to Longview nearly 4 hours ? Makes 0 sense for them. Lufkin to Shreveport to play WM is an HR and a half. No comparison.
  20. In 2 years Temple going to be able to play with anybody in Texas including the heavy hitters.
  21. Coppell is 4-6 and hadn't been much in the last decade. What have you been watching smh
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