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  1. You definitely implied that Temple is undeserving to play Longview but in reality next season Temple probably going to have the upper hand. You know how logistically stupid it would be for Northshore to go to Longview when they can save the trip and play same level competition vs Katy and save the trip. Longview just won a title without having to do that. We know how good our teams are in East Texas and who TF cares what people outside of Texas think. They only know about juiced up recruited up teams. Not even real HS football.
  2. The scores don't suggest that ? Or are we picking and choosing again ?
  3. Just saying Nacogdoches nearly beat Tyler Lee and Lee almost beat Rockwall. Looks pretty even to me.
  4. It's just more of an ignorant statement by that guy that Temple is undeserving to play Longview next season. When in reality Temple is expected to be really good next season. Probably still a year away from winning a title but they will be really dangerous. When is the last time a Freshman has led a 6A team in tackles? #21 LB York is doing that right now. It may be one thing to do it in 2A and 3A but 6A is unheard of.
  5. Temple will return 9 kids on defense next year but MHP will move over to QB and break every record Temple ever had at QB and will be one of the top recruit's in America. When that game was put together it was because they're expecting Temple to take a big step forward. I'm just going to let the kid show you next year.
  6. It's not home and home. It's in Dallas at Jerry world and I been trying to tell you Temple has 2 of the best freshman in Texas and it's going to be a show case of talent also with Longview WR Hale. I can promise you NS doesn't have 1 kid in the 23 class that's going to be better then either one of these kids. The top kids in that class at QB will come from Temple, Duncanville,Klein and Katy 7 Lakes. Please keep that same energy next year when you see Temple.
  7. Yeah for sure let me know what you think he will be at FS Friday night. Temple playing with house money lol. I just need them to play well and don't get embarrassed I'm not expecting a win just want to see these youngsters be competitive.
  8. Or maybe Tyler Lee and Rockwall are about equal to Nacogdoches ? I never said I didn't count the losses I just said 6+ turnovers will get you beat when you play a team with a pulse. Midway 5 turnovers vs Heights not surprised they lost that one but Heights did play West at QB vs Carter which had a little factor in it as well. All I'm saying Longview is the only team in either district that is head and shoulders above the rest. I just don't see the gap. May have to agree to disagree on this one.
  9. Let's see and you know I meant 11-6A Tyler Lee 35 Nacogdoches 28 hmm that's interesting. More interesting Rockwall 35 Tyler Lee 32
  10. I shouldn't had said fan base but definitely some posters. If JT beats College Station. I'll be back on the Cujo band wagon. I actually like Holmes. I'm not sure why it seems to be headed for an ugly divorce with the program but he did win some big games.
  11. Nah I thought Tomball could make it interesting. This year you guys are just flat out bad. College Station in a route. You guys couldn't even beat Sherman. I usually cheer for JT but your fan base this year is going to deserve this L
  12. Temple going to be the best offense they have seen this year. They do them how they did Rockwall then I will be a believer.
  13. You're on them good drugs right now. Tyler Lee not beating Midway and Rockwall not beating Allen. Tyler Lee is about as good as Nacogdoches and I've seen how much trouble Lee been giving 12-6A. Slight edge to 12-6A only because of Longview.
  14. Gt you know I love my Pack but I gotta support my kid Friday night lol. He's just a freshman but in 3 more years this state ain't going to be able to do nothing with him at QB. Kid is game bread out here. I promise you he is going to show up and play Friday night.
  15. Dude 12-6A kinds #### outside you guys. I think 12-6A is slightly better but not by much.
  16. Temple is more then capable of scoring 35 on Longview defense. They have the line play to cause Longview some trouble up front. I don't think for one second Longview is about to stone wall that offense. Temple low output this year was 28 with 6 turnovers then 29 with another 6+ turnovers. If Temple doesn't go out there and turn it over they can turn it into a track meet. I still think Longview wins but I don't think they going to dog them like you're thinking. I also made a general observation that I saw Lufkin roll up nearly 400 yards of offense and they definitely have a better offense then Lufkin. Even though Longview has the upper hand this year. But when you see them next year at Jerry World to kick off the season please keep that same energy.
  17. Yeah but come on that's in Mesquite back yard for the most part. I understand why they had to flip a coin because they were both in 3rd place but if I'm Temple in arguing can we flip a coin because they are technically in 1st place as well. Just seems like the UIL got that wrong. If you're the #1 rep vs a runner up then it shouldn't matter where you placed in your respective district. Shoemaker definitely got a raw deal. I just assume go back to everyone flips a coin because all district's are not equal.
  18. They were co champs but Midway had the tie breaker for head up. I think the bigger question is why does Shoemaker have to go to Mesquite.
  19. Put a 100 on it via cash app and give me Temple +41. Temple a lot better then you guys giving them credit for.
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