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  1. Just like China ordered him to do.
  2. Always throwing the Victim Card....
  3. Somehow, I picture You in a “Man Bun”, Eunice....
  4. I heard an oilfield salesman say one time, “When your hole is hurtin’, call Halliburton!”
  5. I passed a Septic Truck the other day & it had “My Job ####!” Painted on the back of it; Of Course I thought about you !
  6. https://apple.news/AYiZtuPxoTnmd-EQUsQ6drg
  7. So do YOU believe photo ID before voting is a good idea?
  8. That Sounds like a confession from you, Eunice....
  9. Sounds to me like this “reporter” is saying The Vaccines are a a big Ol’ sammich, & Everybody is gonna have a bite.... None for me, thanks!
  10. Nah, Ctown81 has shown that to be false; The government came into the hood & held blacks at gunpoint & Forced them to use drugs...
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