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  1. “You can’t Have your Cake & Eat it, Too!” Man, if I had a nickel for every time my dear old Dad said those words!
  2. You are the one who keeps saying “Antarctica is on lockdown”... that takes Soldiers; Lots of them to prevent ANYBODY from getting by to see, touch & Feel the Dome you speak of; With respect to “The Treaty”; What treaty? & The Military isn’t even allowed to go to the edge?
  3. It was Far from his first. He’s an eggplant & an embarrassment to America. He & the rest of the Demo/Marxist/Communists who are trying their damndest to Destroy this country & usher in Communism.
  4. “Hey Sigmund... Yer Slip is showin’...”
  5. You would think they could just fly over to the edge & peek below... I can’t see Any soldiers up here! Or, at least reach out & slap that invisible wall for us....
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