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  1. One caveat, Dave. American Automakers farmed out their Computer chip manufacturing to China, and now, Millions upon millions of brand new automobiles sit idle in hundreds of acres of automobiles that Cannot be driven, because they have no brain. The “Big Three”, in their corporate greed have shot themselves in the foot by trying to manufacture tire their goods as cheaply as possible so they can maximize their “bottom line” & make their stockholders happy. I have no pity for them, because they did this to themselves, & they won’t learn, & continue to put themselves in position to hostages to Beijing.
  2. Joe Cocker. There is only One Joe Cocker on the Planet... ”You can leave your hat on.”
  3. Dwight Yoakam, (1000 miles of Misery)
  4. That’s one Cold chick, right there..
  5. Good for you, Eunice! Now do “Peter Piper!”
  6. I bet he has more black friends than you have white ones.
  7. Trump has nothing to do with my comment; I know communism when I see it, Vladimir...
  8. Sure, because Antifa/BLM thugs won’t HAVE any guns with them when They show up, & if he’s Acquitted, you can bet your butt there’s gonna Be a riot.
  9. Barry thinks it’s funny. He’s laughing in your face; He Knows it’s true, but he could care less. To these Communists, the ends justify the means.
  10. “Stupid Is as Stupid Does, Lt. Dan...” Play stupid games, win Stupid prizes!
  11. Why would Anyone care about an obvious fake photo?
  12. They learned a very hard lesson in doing that...
  13. Rittenhouse is Not Guilty in my book... That is the only Correct verdict.
  14. She actually said the real reason out loud...
  15. It will be the only “perk” they will get this Thursday..
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