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  1. Linscomb also grew up and played ball in Refugio so he has always been a part of great coaching and programs. Congrats Teague
  2. No, I am not comparing those two teams. I am looking at your track record when evaluating your program with established programs and being able to realistically form an educated opinion. Based on your thoughts from the Shiner game last year, I will take your opinion with a grain of salt.
  3. You are that goofy. You thought Timpson could play with Shiner last year, yet everyone told you what was coming.
  4. Shiner turned it over 7 times against East Bernard last year thus the reason for the close game. They did lose a big senior class but still return the Brooks brothers which are as good as anyone in the state. I am amused that someone thought Timpson was faster then Shiner. Shiner just won the state title in track. Didn’t do much research. I still like the Shiner/Refugio winner to win it all again
  5. Saw a tweet that Stepp called out a coach for criticizing him(Stepp)since he wasn’t a developer kinda like coaches get annoyed by people in the stands. The problem with Stepp’s argument is that he is the face of the app and was promoting it. I know people that are in business development and sales that catch a bunch of grief because they promote and represent the company. Yet, it was the company’s operations staff that actually caused the issue. Unfortunately when you choose to promote and are the face of the app and Dave Campbell you also set yourself up for the criticism, right or wrong.
  6. Here it is Rhodes and Haynes from the backfield last night. Taylor and Lenhart graduated last year. https://www.uiltexas.org/tournament-results/track-field/2019/index.htm Go to 2a 4X100 Meter relay. Shiner won it.
  7. I realize East Texas speed is a real thing but it hasn’t translated to wins in this division in 8 years, so I think you guys need to come up with another reason. You guys realize that about 3 of those backs for Shiner were on the state winning sprint relay in 2019? Shiner has speed and Refugio has won the most boy’s track team titles in Texas history so speed is nothing new to these teams.
  8. Generic line? You want to talk about generic line then look at every region 3 person that says region 3 will beat the region 4 representative every year. What about the East Texas speed line year in and year out. What about the “they have Never seen a defense like ours” line. Also you are right one of these years I might be wrong and you all might be right but at least I give legitimate reasons and if it happens I turn out to be wrong then so be it. I tried to come in this forum asking for honest opinions and giving my legitimate facts yet I am treated with hostility because you guys don’t like what you hear.
  9. Well, what do you think of the gap now? Should we continue to go and watch film? Do you guys think that people outside of East Texas might know a little bout football too?
  10. Paging Mike Honcho and all these East Texas homers.
  11. Because everyone was looking for games due to COVID And Shiner is as good as most 4a teams in the region. Refugio played a 4a d 2 team as well. Sorry Smithville was d2 not d1
  12. Look at the history and also look at strength of schedule. Timpson played all 2a d 1 teams that weren’t all that good. Shiner played 4a d1 Smithville, 3ad1 semifinalist Hallettsville, 3ad2 contender East Bernard, 3ad1 playoff team Blanco, Refugio and Mason. Beat them all. Guys they are pretty good
  13. Mart in 2012 was the last time region 3 won this division.
  14. East Texas speed? Make that 8 years in a row. History sometimes is a pretty good indicator. Shiner 42 Timpson 0 5 min in 3rd quarter
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