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  1. Harleton 4 Douglass 1 final
  2. Sounds like you know nothing about how to build a program. I can promise you, listening to a few slaps ain’t gonna build a program.
  3. Got a Garrison-Harleton update?
  4. Get your eyes cleared up, you might start voting democrat
  5. They are always good at making laws with no money to back them
  6. You do realize that most hunters are law abiding citizens. Not a very good correlation between shooting duck and shooting people. I bet most of the duck hunters don’t shoot people either.
  7. I would like to see a report on how many dead people voted in 2020.
  8. If guns were the problem, I would be a multi-mass shooter. Got a closet full of ‘em. Got everything to do with a persons heart. Too many parents trying to control their kids with drugs instead of discipline.
  9. How is it a wedge. It shouldn’t be happening. What’s a wedge is a guy saying I’m a woman while still toatin a pistol.
  10. TBH, they are changing words and phrases in the Bible. Don’t want to hurt your little feelings.
  11. When it’s all said and done, the jabs gonna kill way more folks than the virus did.
  12. They were all planted in the cemetery
  13. You want get nothing with Biden and apple, but try biden’s a DA
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