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  1. Any dad off the street can be a head coach, you hear that from the stands every Friday night.
  2. Johnnie was a lumberjack. I remember Vic’s workout gloves in the weight room were a pair of leather hay hauling gloves. Both were very good players.
  3. I can’t wait for Harley Davidson to go electric. Gonna be kinda nice to not hear all that noise as they go by my house headed to the lake.
  4. No country that has soccer as their #1 sport has ever won a war.
  5. Just filled up in Jefferson 4.99. Diesel. It was 4:35 Monday. Cost me $150 to fill up today.
  6. What you worried about, y’all already beat Jefferson twice. Ha
  7. He doesn’t know, he just noticed it was a big word.
  8. Can’t live without “the hall of justice”
  9. Harleton closed till Tuesday.
  10. UTSA Utah Baylor Kent State San Diego State Louisiana Georgia Cincinnati Michigan Pittsburgh *Tiebreaker: 35
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