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  1. AD was never contacted. Come on man.....thought you was better than that
  2. You were lied to brother. How bout you guys stop making #### up and just call them, email them, or something. I have. THEY DO NOT DO THAT ANY LONGER!!!!! PERIOD You guys are morons.........you want to believe something so bad so you have a case to cry foul about something that you'll just lie. Makes not sense. Rusk hired a head hunter to find a coach. The Head Hunter does not have a MEMBERSHIP OF ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON. THERE IS NO DATABASE All the Firm does guys is screen applications sent to them. They do not have "buddies" waiting in the stables ready to be raced. They simply do what a supt or hiring committee made up of idiots at a local ISD would do. In this case, I can't say they did it any better than the local idiots could have done. I AGREE - in this particular case - big time waste of money and seemingly time. BUT - FACTS ARE FACTS - WHICH ARE 1. There is no database 2. There is no membership fee Call them up or email them and tell them you are a coach, ready to spend $100 for a membership and send your resume. Get back with us and let us know what happened. You too TNTCoach - #### you so old you should know you can't believe stuff like this.
  3. You too are correct,,,,,,HOWEVER - CALL THEM AND ASK! EMAIL THEM AND ASK They did that at one time, have NOT updated their website and NO LONGER DO THIS!!!! You guys think everything on the internet is fact huh????.......LOL Bonjour!
  4. Uniballer, I called them to find out. They specifically said, "Yeah, we don't do that any more. If you want us to take a look at your resume, we'll do that for $25. However, if you are happy with yours, I wouldn't send it in for review" This is the truth. There is not JOINING or subscribing to anything. Call them yourself.
  5. 1 - I agree this entire situation could have and should have been handled better 2 - Like the hiring of a hiring firm or not, some of you guys are under the impression that coaches pay to be a part of a database - This is all incorrect and totally fabricated information. There is not database. There is no fee associated with anything related to this firm from coaches for any reason what so ever. They will help you structure your resume for $25 dollars, but that's it. Nothing more, nothing less.
  6. In "Theory" and by design, the Search Firm is a great idea. However, as most things in life, the reality of the Search Firm has proven to not be a great idea. I argued early on about this Firm, it's advertised intent and the idea behind what they "sell" as being a great idea. I still believe that. However, as many here were skeptical early on and their skepticism has proven valid, this hiring, of this search firm, was indeed, a huge waste of money. It seemed to even slow the process down. Someone here should know better than me, but didn't this job open in December? That alone is ridiculous. Money drives the machine. Some of you guys were skeptical of this firm all along. You were right. It was a waste of time and money based on the final 2 weeks of the process. I also agree with the poster above - Rusk ISD has to own quite a bit of this.
  7. So, when does this ,"exceptional" hire start? I'm sure for the good of the program as a whole he will be in place no later than March 1 right? Lol......if not, how bout filling us in as to why....lol GHS AINT HIT ROCK BOTTOM.....BUT IT RIGHT AROUND DA CONER
  8. Sorry Smoak! I learned something new today. Biggest thing is that it's only 3 years old. I should not have ASSuMEd huh??? LOL Thanks and keep up the great work. Man - I would be honored to give words on behalf of Earl
  9. I really don't care - I don't have a dog in this hunt, but I do love to discuss and facts say this hire does not coincide with trying to win football games. It may make exceptional sense in other regards, but when it comes to what most think of Garrison and the "assumed" importance of football in that town, this just doesn't jive. I would never want to live or work in Garrison, in any job. No offense, I just happen to like it where I'm at.
  10. No BillTitly - not like that at all. Not even close. This thread went quiet b/c there are too many facts. Once speculation is removed, there's not much to talk about.
  11. Bill Tetley - I challenge you to justify the hire. Compare this to other applicants and justify it for us.
  12. Things said about the hired are not personal. They are factual. My disdain is with the school board. Sorry for the Roll/Role - typing away - You no what I mean?
  13. Let me start by saying until the board meets and votes for who will be the next coach we don't know who it is!!! Whoever gets I wish them the best!!! I am however going to say this Prince record from my research is 13 - 49 ( Bandera 11 - 31 , Dawson 2 - 18 ). With that I'd like to add that Dawson played Douglass for state in baseball his first year as AD. We'll get to this baseball priority in a second - so thanks for 1. Pointing out that he hasn't won as a Head Football Coach any place and for 2. Baseball being YOUR priority. Bandera record after the 2002 state title ( 26 - 27 ) Prince then went ( 11 - 31 ) after Prince ( 9 - 20 ) with them being ( 2 - 8 ) this year. Fact remains, Bandera digressed each season he was there and he posted a 24-40 record (37.5%) Dawson record from 2011 to 2013 ( 0 - 30 ) Prince 2014 ( 0 - 10 ) 2015 ( 2 - 8 ) Nice try propagandist. While you are correct, the 2013 season belongs to Coach Prince making his Dawson record 2-28 for three seasons while the previous three seasons were 6-24 with a 2nd round playoff appearance. Again, digression. His first season in Dawson he scored 32 points giving up 508 in 10 games. Let's just be honest and try not to twist things. As DC at Garrison and Tatum teams went ( 104 - 18 ) with state title app. in ( 2001 , 2003 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 ) winning ( 2003 , 2005 , 2006 ) For coaches with 185 wins and 212 wins. Coaches who will end up in the Hall of Honor for THEIR state titles - not Coach Princes'. While everyone is contributing, the HC gets all the credit or blame. I see you are trying hard to justify the hire, but there's not enough there to pull it off. Now if you want to say his record disqualifies him from getting the job let me remind you that you have to have talent. For coaches, that's the loser's anthem. How is it that some coaches can coach for decades rarely ever having a losing season and others can coach for the same period of time and rarely win? Are you telling me that talent dictates a coach's ability to consistently be a winner? If so, I guess some guys just have better talent than others EVERY year b/c some coaches ALWAYS win. Some coaches must NEVER have any talent b/c they rarely, if ever, win. I guess for 9 years, one year shy of a decade, Coach Prince has been cursed with not having enough talent. Garrison 2006 to 2008 ( 8 - 20 ) 2009 to 2013 ( 53 - 10 ) 2014 to 2015 ( 9 - 12 ) and yes garrison does have some talent but not as much as years past although IMO future looks bright. This is a true statement. Garrison is not as talented as they've been in years past, but the are still Garrison, or at least some still think they are. Garrison is known all over the state as a football town. That's diminished and baseball and softball have become the priority there. The 2009-13 years you post include years down in Class A helping them tremendously. So, the question is.........why hire a guy that has proven he can't win without talent when you know your own talent pool is drying up? I personally think he is an awesome coach that kids here always loved to play for!! LOVED is the operative word here. Few things on that. First, it's always easier to "love" the assistant or coordinator. He's not the Head Honcho that has to separate himself and draw a line that prohibits the "friend" aspect of coach/player relationships. It's easier for the assistants to be "buddy-buddy" with the players than it is the HC. HC can't do this. Second - who cares? Third - did HE win while he was here or did Jimmy Thompson, who has won ALL OVER THE STATE win while he was here? Lastly - it's been 12 years since he's been there. The seniors then are now 30 and this crop of kids is and will be different under his HC leadership than they were under Coach Thompson's leadership. Like i said before when the board hires someone I will support that person 110 % !!! That's a great attitude. He'll need your support. If Prince is in the running this BULLDOG alum is rooting for him 110 % for a number of reasons. Again - very good -.............you do know that 110% is NOT possible right? Here's the deal. Garrison is still close enough to what they've always been known for (Football) that they still carry enough "swag", so to speak, to get a very qualified, proven winner. However, this hire indicates that Football is no longer, as is the case in so many towns in Texas these days, the priority it once was. The word is that baseball and softball has taken over and part of this hire was to numb that tooth ache a little bit. So many times, people in towns who aren't necessarily "football fans" resent football's following and support and love that it gets. As with any sport, there will be a few down years at different times. If that down time lasts too long, the non-football folks will start to get a little louder and the sad part is they like this crumbling of the Football Empire. They've grown to resent it so much that they enjoy seeing it crumble and they delight in the sadness it brings those that love it most. All along, they forget it's THEIR kids - the kids of THEIR SCHOOL that are the ones who suffer. But these football haters dredge forward, onward and upward. They get organized. They get a few buddies on the school board. They are usually those strongly entrenched in the little league/pee wee/aau and summer league communities. Once they've found a way to have a voice of authority, they start to maneuver and jockey for "MINES". They work to get coaches of their sports in place and over step their bounds and start to flex their muscles by making it known "These other sports are just as important as football" (when we all know that's not really true....LOL) and start to make noise and force AD's to structure things for these other sports like football. I mean why in the world do baseball and basketball kids have to lift weights and all that jazz like football??? They ask........All the while forgetting these same kids actually do play football. Remember, this all started b/c Football had a slip from where it was. So, as it continues to fall further, "something must be done" is screamed from the dying breed of "Old School Football Fan" somewhere at the bottom of the pile. So, these selfless (sarcasm) heroes of equality who have relished in the demise and contributed to the demise of football and worked to position themselves in a way to benefit, literally THEIR OWN CHILD (at the sacrifice of the entire student body) want to shut that person up b/c by nature, they aren't the type of folk who can stand up to or handle any type of criticism of any fashion, so they join in, in a rookie-esque manner (b/c this is all new to them and they fail to realize they are not original nor creative in sense of the word and they are actually the same song/verse just 1,000,000th edition) and proclaim "You right - we needs us a new AD Head Football Coach". So, they get one. How will they do this though? How can I hold onto mine, not have it diminished? How can I continue our slightly above average position in these other sports, keep football down at the same time all the while showing great intention and seemingly wanting it to return to the glory days without that actually happening? AH HHHHAAAAAAAAAA! Eureka. Let's try to hire someone that almost everyone will like and agree on that he can do a good job. Doesn't matter if he can or if he has - but as long as everyone likes him we should be good. Hey, it's not about winning or losing they say (all the while if their beloved "other sport" doesn't win heads will roll) it's about character building. Morals. Being a Godly man and a role model. Funny thing is - I never needed roll models - I had two really good ones at home. Nevertheless, we must hire someone that will agree and understand that we are "all about ALL sports" when in reality the only people who say this are the ones in love with ONE sport. BUT, I have proof I'm for all sports b/c I hate football. I know, I know - it makes no sense, but it's true ain't it fellows. Especially you coaches reading this right now. You've lived this scenario in every small town you've coached unless you've coached in a special place. In addition - it sure would sweeten the pot a bit if this new hire can show how much he cares for all the other sports by having a child play one.....preferably MY favorite sport that I care about. In the emphamis VOICE of Strother Martin (Captain in Cool Hand Luke) - "What we have here, is a failure to do our best. Some men you just can't reach. So, you get what we have here today. WHICH - is how he wants it...........well - he GETS it." This hire has a documented record of 9 years head coaching experience posting a record of 26 wins and 68 losses. He's posted 2 winnings seasons, won 1 playoff game and TWO 2-8 record, ONE 1-9 Record and THREE 0-10 records. All in two different schools. To qualify him as a head coach with the fact that he was a State Champion DC is apples to oranges. He won all three State Titles as a DC under the leadership of TWO coaches who combine for almost 400 wins. They coaches averaged 9+ wins a year for extended periods at both Garrison and Tatum before this DC was on board. So, as it the case so many times, this guy was somewhat "along for the ride" on a train driven by a great engineer. That's great and I'm sure he's a great DC, person, man of God and roll model. However, facts are facts and there are NONE to suggest he's a great hire as a head coach nor is there any proof he can excel in that roll. Note: All material above is 100% fictional and for entertainment purposes only. This story could very well be about any of the 90% of small towns in the state of Texas.......and you know that's a fact. I'm sure this thing will get deleted and I'll get banned for a little while (while I've violated no regulations of any kind - only stating facts and a little bit of fictitious story telling) but it should sure spark some convo.
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