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  1. Good God surely he isn't going to Durant. They are horrid.
  2. Did they not open the job
  3. Great facilities though lol
  4. How are things over there? Heard it has started out a little shaky. Rumor is after accepting the job a school board member or administrator already had to contact the new leader and tell him that he has to meet with the kids and coaches at some point? Surely he is smarter than that.
  5. I think 2 on staff applied so IDK
  6. Barry Norton??? saw he resigned over at Ark High yesterday
  7. OK got some scoop on this job final 3 are Current Coach on staff Sherman OC Out of state HC
  8. Yeah some of those boards go Rogue
  9. I am sure the next guy will be fine in Leonard, surely they won't be that down will they? Also are they ever gonna get turf lol.
  10. Never good for the new guy in any case.
  11. What't the school board wanting to do with the agenda
  12. Such weird timing on this deal.. Either something was said or done, or someone giving the old prison shank to the back.
  13. hearing final interviews this week (not sure how many) then a hire by weeks end.
  14. That would be my guess Scribner to Leonard
  15. Internal guys were interviewed yesterday, someone must have backed out unless best guys for last lol.
  16. Open, where is he headed?
  17. I am not sure if they did or not
  18. I would assume the OC would have the leg up
  19. Sounds like the DB coach should have got on board with the OC when you have two people it tends to cancel eachother out
  20. Sounds like a ton of diff agendas may be going on and everyone on a diff or wrong page.
  21. Wow very nice, did they say how big?
  22. Did 1 or both on staff candidates apply. I know one wanted it but supposedly 2 applied... If this is the case not a good look for the staff being split, get behind 1 candidate as a staff... SMH
  23. Not sure the guy I talked to interviews sometime this week. So idk if he’s a backup plan interview or what.
  24. I was just speculating that since he left Leonard for Honey Grove there may be a talent dip coming.
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