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  1. That is crazy that they don't have talent in the lower grades. Figure some would want to live there. Seems like a good location.
  2. I think the article said he was in year 1 but I didn't know if that was accurate.
  3. Not sure 3-8 last year. Seems if they wanted change it would have been sooner unless someone that is known expressed interest late.
  4. Not gonna say that, he may do a good job. I know some applicants and if he’s the best maybe it will show in the way the program makes progress. However I scratched my head at it.
  5. Who have they interviewed or hired?? Been quiet on this one.
  6. Frisco Offensive Coordinator is what I heard.
  7. Word is interviews are done. Who got the job>
  8. Very possible, Timing adds up with WW ending interviews and this opening.
  9. Touché’ but like you said if those guys are coming from good schools I could see the coordinators getting their first gig
  10. Is Wall still running the flexbine?
  11. Just noticed the out of state coach, no validity I’m sure?
  12. Interesting to see what happens. Any info on what schools they are from?
  13. Looks like an average list of guys looking for first HC job
  14. Interesting list to say the least. I’m not sure who will get it out of a list like that. I would assume one of the coordinators out of the DFW area
  15. Heard they are finishing interviews Monday.. anyone got info on if it’s Anderson from Wolfe City or someone else
  16. OK Heard interviews have started. Is the Swoopes kid gonna get it this time? Is that the way that they wanna go I bet it is.
  17. Wow not good if they went against supt recomendation, unless the supt may be in trouble too?
  18. Jason, can a guy win there like lipsey or is the talent way way off. If so why didn’t they keep Wiggins
  19. When has WW been known as a baseball school. Watched a game or 2 don't seem to be the same mix or type of kids as when Lipsey was there.
  20. What is the deal here? Who did they hire? This used to be a place coaches could win at.
  21. So what everyone is saying it will be another re tread from the area..
  22. Is Joe Watson still coaching?
  23. That is a significant drop in #s. They used to be really good with a good mix of kids.
  24. OK I am not gonna lie watched these guys play and think whoever gets this gem will be in a good situation if they can coach at all. Unless there were discipline issues I think they underachieved with the talent they had.
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