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  1. Hopefully there's a power outage that night
  2. Bclove05 it's y'all year so take advantage
  3. Same thing that has happened the last 20 something times they lost
  4. We might pull a tadum this year and go 0-10
  5. Talent isn't a problem. The young coaches that came in this year isn't the problem. So it's only leaves one other thing and I don't have to say what it is.
  6. You right I just wasting my fingers
  7. Can someone please help me understand what's going. So tonight we ran power I, wishbone and split back veer. I guess just try anything to keep a running clock. Also onside kick every time putting your defense in a bad situation doesn't help.
  8. Doesn't matter how much talent we have coming. Gotta know what to do with it
  9. Just let us hibernate early this year
  10. 3 slants in a row to the same receiver is ridiculous
  11. 21-13 Mv We can't tackle to save our life. We keep running the same hitch route eventually its going to get picked off. 2 fullbacks and a dive to the tb is not going to get it. Spread the field and use your mobile qb. You don't have to be in jumbo formation to run the I formation
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