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  1. Wait, it is your opinion that Livingston should hire the baseball coach from Hull Daisetta to lead their football program.....yeah...ok.
  2. I have daughters too and I can still see that the DA didn’t file, and the civil suit is written in such a way as to make guys like you flip. have some emotional control and realize that something happened here, but the truth is not as sensational as you’d like it to be.
  3. You must be a former tuba player with an axe to grind. Tuba on crazy!!
  4. At least we know Horn is still available. Step reporting he resigned this morning.
  5. Unless it was a recent dwi. Means a lot more in light of the drunken fight at coaching school
  6. Says the guy who isn't bitter about Horn looking for other jobs.
  7. Rah Rah coaches seem appealing from the stands, but they are typically a disaster once you put them in charge. Emotion can only carry you so far, after that you have to know football to be successful. Rah Rah also ends when you lose 2/3 to begin the season and the kids realize you are only that way when you are in front.
  8. A man looking for a job in a larger classification, with more money, isn't a guy who is not committed. It's a guy looking to better himself and his family, just as you are. Teneha is a great job but not a long term job for anyone. It will always be a place where guys make their name, then move on to the next one. Instead of dusting Horn on the way out, try thanking him for what he has done there.
  9. He was a finalist in 2015 when Kitna was hired. I seem to remember quite a bit of controversy surrounding Kitna's hire, so maybe this is the root of the issues they've had there. Maybe the dissenting side finally got their way.
  10. Not funny man. I’d probably punch you in the mouth if it were me.
  11. I am thankful for that. I wish him all the luck in the world in retirement!
  12. Retiring? He can't possibly be old enough for that.....or maybe I have gotten much older than I think! lol
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