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  1. 1 hour ago, jimmyjohnson said:

    There's a guy that just needs an opportunity right down the lake.  He lives in Coldspring.  He is at Hull right now and I talked to him about it.  Coach Villanueva said he did put in for it and he would be a great fit IMO.  He just turned that baseball program around at HD and wasn't even the original head baseball coach.  I think they made the playoffs.  So to me, that's Coaching 

    Just saying my .2 cents

    Wait, it is your opinion that Livingston should hire the baseball coach from Hull Daisetta to lead their football program.....yeah...ok.

  2. 1 minute ago, NATUREBOY98 said:

    Good one. Can’t stand band and no where near Carthage. I do have 4 daughters which makes me a little passionate on the matter. Toot away. 

    I have daughters too and I can still see that the DA didn’t file, and the civil suit is written in such a way as to make guys like you flip.

    have some emotional control and realize that something happened here, but the truth is not as sensational as you’d like it to be. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, dillonpanthers said:

    Issue probably isn't as much what he did to get it suspended (if that's what happened) as why he didn't tell them. 

    But he was hired 2 years ago as an assistant, so this should have been an issue then too. 

    Unless it was a recent dwi. Means a lot more in light of the drunken fight at coaching school 

  4. Rah Rah coaches seem appealing from the stands, but they are typically a disaster once you put them in charge. Emotion can only carry you so far, after that you have to know football to be successful. Rah Rah also ends when you lose 2/3 to begin the season and the kids realize you are only that way when you are in front.

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  5. 34 minutes ago, Greezychef said:



    If he's not committed,  then that's fine with me.  People may forget but Ward left us in bad shape because he left for Harleton during the summer,  we scrambled to find a replacement.  Horn left Brady,  which he had just joined in the middle of the previous year also after leaving Hubbard abruptly.  


    So if he's going, then go.  That way it leaves Tenaha in a much better position to hire our next coach.

    A man looking for a job in a larger classification, with more money, isn't a guy who is not committed. It's a guy looking to better himself and his family, just as you are. Teneha is a great job but not a long term job for anyone. It will always be a place where guys make their name, then move on to the next one. Instead of dusting Horn on the way out, try thanking him for what he has done there.

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  6. He was a finalist in 2015 when Kitna was hired. I seem to remember quite a bit of controversy surrounding Kitna's hire, so maybe this is the root of the issues they've had there. Maybe the dissenting side finally got their way.

  7. 10 hours ago, MavGrad99 said:

    Yep, and I left bc of a bad athletic administration at the time... those guys were run out of town over the next 3 years... I wouldn’t mind going back now that Marshall drained that swamp.

    Better wait til Mathis rolls. No way he hires ol Derek Rebel after all of this!! Lol

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  8. It’s interesting that he mentions the message board. Every post I’ve made on this thread has been “reacted” to by a poster named “somebody”, yet “somebody” hasn’t commented on the thread at all. I’ve had a gut feeling that “somebody” was Mathis, and now I’m really starting to think it’s him. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Mavchamp said:

    I've eaten my crow for taking a pathological liar at his word.

    My bad.  I was wrong.

    But at least I'm not a liar.

    Nor am I celebrating one like he is.


    Mathis told his staff this morning.  Still has not talked to the Supt today.

    Funny thing is....one of the school board members asked him point blank at the baseball game Monday night if he was leaving.  He said no.

    Glad he's gone.  Guy is poison.

    Now we finally get to move on.

    Even though I've predicted this since Peterman was canned, I am really sorry this has happened to your community.

    Any word on how his staff took the news?

  10. 4 minutes ago, Mavchamp said:

    And yet he claims hes not involved at all. 

    And people wonder why he’s been called a liar on this thread. 

    He looks people in the face and lies to them.  Many people.  Many times.  

    If he would have just been truthful from the beginning..... 

    But nah.... no reason to have any character in all this.  

    Based on what we’ve all seen from DeSoto’s school board in the last year..... and based on what I’ve learned about him in the last few days.....

    Mathis and DeSoto deserve one another.  

    Good riddance  


    This here is a tune that has changed significantly from the one being whistled on the first few pages of this thread.!

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  11. 1 minute ago, Mavchamp said:

    I can’t even wrap my head around why he would even show up. 

    As of late today he’s still telling the Dallas media he’s staying put. 

    At least until next Monday’s meeting in DeSoto. 

    Or until Marshall pulls the trigger. 

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  12. 45 minutes ago, MavGrad99 said:

    I thought I had already addressed this part... 80% of Marshall or more do not even know this is happening.  I can guarantee you that.

    Who cares what 80% of Marshall knows. I'm sure the school board, superintendent, and boosters know. Those are the people that are making these decisions and I am saying they should decide. What I refer to "Marshall" being passive, I'm talking about those in decision making positions, not those hanging out in the bar at El Chico.

  13. 7 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

    There is no way anyone could have predicted the school board would go to the lengths of getting rid of the Supt in order to get their way.  That's a million dollar decision.....based on bringing back a coach that a percentage of your fanbase doesn't even want back.

    I agree.... there is little doubt in my mind Mathis is involved.

    WIsh he was gone tomorrow so this freak show can move down I-20.

    I truly respect your opinion on all things Marshall, and have to believe you are well respected in the community and Maverick athletics. I am sorry this is happening to you guys, but I still do not understand why Marshall is being so passive. It's not like this isn't happening publically for all to see. Mathis is culpable enough in this mess to be released from his contract at Marshall and sent along his merry way. Marshall should strike first and show him the door. It's one thing for a coach to leave, but to orchestrate chaos in two districts at once in order to get your way is a sign of poor character. Do you really want a low character guy leading your football program? I don't think you do. No matter what happens in Desoto, I'd try to make sure Mathis knows he is not welcome to do this to the kids and community of Marshall.

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