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  1. Everything you are saying is why Marshall should move on now. Even if the Desoto thing doesn't work out (which it will), you will be in for this again next offseason. Mathis is aware of everything going on and he is the one keeping Marshall in the circus. You guys are his backup plan and you are laying there and taking it. Move his behind on and hire someone who wants to be there.
  2. Maybe Marshall should show Mathis the door now instead of waiting on him to open it himself. How can any of you possibly want him staying around after all of this?
  3. What puzzles me is how the Marshall folks can see this happening and “take him at his word” when saying he’s all in with the Mavs. There’s a reason he never moved his family......always been a reason.
  4. Come on champ......he’s saying that to soften the blow. He wants you all to blind your eyes to his involvement with desoto and the best way to do that is make you believe he’s in high demand. He’s ensuring the people of Marshall think he’s a big fish who is “SEC caliber” that way when he walks for DeSoto, Marshall believes they wouldn’t have kept him under any circumstances. Get mad Marshall, you’ve been played.
  5. Bass can lean into his time playing for the SETX Demons to draw the type of experience he needs for a job of this caliber.
  6. I agree, but I am talking about the things he has said recently. I do feel he was being intentionally vague in some of his comments, but he still made them. It's one thing to profess commitment when you are not talking to other schools, but it's totally another to profess commitment when you know you are actively discussing another job you intend to take. Let's not kid ourselves, he has been talking to SOMEONE in Desoto for the entire time he has been in Marshall. I'd bet my next paycheck that he had already agreed to return before they ran the last coach out of town.
  7. Guys with options don't want to deal with Wallis.
  8. Hate to say it, but Marshall bought Mathis' BS lines hook, line, and sinker. He was always going back to Desoto and he played you all along the way. The kids and his supporters in the town need to ask him the tough questions and make him explain himself. He owes that to the community. Question is, where does Marshall turn now?
  9. No Dr. Wallis, I have that number. Don't need to call him though, I already know.
  10. If long-term is what you're looking for, then you should move away from Kirbyville. Greg Neece was long term and he got run out of town. You will never get another coach who views Kirbyville as a destination again.
  11. He’s definitely one of the good ones. I doubt he’s in any hurry to leave pg anytime soon. He’s be on my wish list though
  12. Alto should take a look at Brandon Easterly up in Pleasant Grove. D coordinator and a guy with head coaching experience who would do a great job there. Just a thought, especially if one of the Gambles isn't going to be looked at.
  13. It's no coincidence that Mathis was hired in Marshall on March 30th, and the unrest in Desoto with Peterson began in early April. The minute Mathis stepped back into TXHSFB, Desoto began making moves to bring him back. They knew he absolutely couldn't jump ship last year, so they backed off and executed their plan after the 2017 season. It wouldn't shock me if Mathis has been aware of it from the beginning and is just biding his time. Like I said, I don't blame him for wanting to go back, and I don't blame him for protecting his job at Marshall. I just wish he'd go ahead and pack it up in order to give the Mavs time to get their new guy installed quickly. The longer this drags on, the worse it is for the Mavs.
  14. He is staying mum....on leaving. He is basically telling all of you that he is committed to Marshall, for now. The job isn't even posted, if something happens the super will be the first to know, he is doing exactly what you are saying by not talking about leaving. He has to play both sides of the fence for now. He has to ensure that if something falls through at Desoto, he still has all that "great community support" he is enjoying right now in Marshall. That 115k dollar salary is something he plans to protect, until Desoto calls and offers 116k.
  15. My question is, why would you interview anyone you weren't seriously considering hiring. All the reasons against hiring him I have stated are the same reasons you wouldn't interview him. He is taking an interview spot away from one of these other guys who you might actually CONSIDER HIRING!! For the sake of Kirbyville football, I hope you are not in any way involved with the decision making process down there. Otherwise you guys will be doing this again in two years when Delaware man fails miserably, and drags himself back to where he came from. Also, I'll gladly make the list for you..... . . . . . . . . There it is. There are no names.
  16. A man with 6 state titles "has to start somewhere"? Ok, let's let him start by being an OC or a DC in Texas before we hand him a AD/HFC job at a school that has RECENT success in the great state of Texas. Make me a list of guys who have had success in other states and have also had that same success in Texas. I'll bet it's short or non existent. The shame here is that he probably will get an interview and someone like Zach Bass, who has been a OC at LaPorte and is currently at PNG won't get a sniff. It's a shame but it will happen. I'm not discounting the man's ability to coach, but to hand him the keys to a program when he has one year experience coaching in this state is a big mistake. Don't get distracted by 6 rings from Delaware when you have real, solid, up and coming coaches who actually understand TXHSFB.
  17. Why? All that Delaware success landed him a job in Fbisd as a running backs coach. This is the big league man. Kville shouldn’t waste their time.
  18. Hiring a coach because he won in Delaware is like hiring a coach who coached an undefeated JV team. With names like Craus, Bass, and Houston on th list, they’d be crazy to waste their time on Delaware man. i still say someone needs to talk to Brian Barbay. Call him and offer him the moon.
  19. There is not a worse look on the face of the earth than a coach who gets on a message board to defend his honor. Almost as bad at Trump defending himself on twitter!
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