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  1. "They haven't even posted the job," Mathis said. "Everything is rumors right now. That's all it is, just straight rumors. "I have not been contacted by DeSoto whatsoever," Mathis added. "So I'm not worried about DeSoto right now. I'm worried about Marshall athletics. These kids are my most important thing and I will continue to make them my No. 1 priority." They haven't even posted the job......I'm not worried about Desoto right now........hmmmm, sounds pretty solid. Could've said, "I am not going to Desoto even if they contact me, but instead said he's not worried about them right now. Also, why would he know the job hadn't been posted if he wasn't keeping an eye on the job?? "If something happens, the first person to know will be the superintendent (Jerry Gibson)," Mathis said. "He and I have a great relationship. But there's nothing happening. I'm here. I'm doing my job. This community has been awesome to me. The superintendent and the school board have been tremendously supportive in me coming here and giving me everything I need to make Marshall athletics the best ever and they have been such great support. You can't just find that everywhere. I mean, the administration support has been awesome. Miss (Tina) Brown (Marshall High School principal) has been tremendously awesome, 100 percent behind me, supporting me with all these kids. I'm in a great, great situation." Didn't say that nothing would happen, he said nothing is happening. At Friday night's banquet, Mathis misspoke when talking about Marshall's seven-on-seven team and said "DeSoto" instead. He said that had nothing to do with the coaching position at his former school. "It was an honest mistake," Mathis explained. " I was talking about seven-on-seven and I'd never mentioned Marshall in seven-on-seven, it's always been DeSoto because I had been there eight years and it was Marshall's first time ever going to seven-on-seven but I was trying to explain to them when I made that comment that I was bringing up DeSoto by being in seven-on-seven because we thought we were going to play those guys and I wanted to kick their butts and everything and I was so proud of our kids for doing such a great job and making a great run. It just came out totally wrong and I was like, 'Oh ####. Oh my gosh.' This is classic. Sounds like he's trying to explain to his wife why he said another woman's name in bed. err..err...err......I was thinking of beating Desoto, not leaving you for her! lolol I hope he stays for the community, but this article shouldn't be as assuring as you guys are making it out to be. I read it and find it full of double speak and non committal language. he gone
  2. Tell me again where his family lives? And are his kids in Marshall or Desoto?
  3. They all talk like they’re staying until they leave. I’ve seen them pack up in the middle of the night and leave town!
  4. Who is Ford?? Mathis ain't staying. This is his window and he's going to jump.
  5. Ol' Buddy brought his stirrin stick over to Smoaky's back yard.
  6. I have a feeling that Marshall got worked in all of this. I think Mathis always intended to get back to Desoto and Marshall was just somewhere to hang out until his buddies got the deal done. All that talk about "home" and "building a program" just ensured that the people of Marshall made his stay as comfortable as possible. The writing on is on the wall and the biggest losers in the deal will be the kids in Marshall who actually believed what he was selling.
  7. There is only one guy for this job and you don't have to go far to find him.
  8. I would plan to stay in house, but be willing to deviate if a big name pops up on the applicant list. Who knows who might be interested after this past years success.
  9. UIW has recently undergone a coaching change, which means they are probably going to endure a coordinator change. This means that Brian should be available shortly, if he is not already. If tough defense is the issue in Alto, who else would be better than a defensive minded guy who is the epitome of Alto football? This guy isn't just a legend in Alto, he is a legend in the minds of anyone who has followed TXHSFB for more than 15 years. I played 2A ball when Brian was playing and we constantly talked about him in our field house. Randy Copeland was hired as our football coach my sophomore year and the first questions he had to field from our players were about Brian Gamble. If his name is on that applicant list and he is not hired, then Alto football deserves to take a nose dive. Anyone seen a list of applicants thus far?
  10. Alto, Please hire Lance Gamble.....or Bryan if you can get him there.
  11. Coach Hall should have no issues finding a job in the Houston area where he can be near his daughter and not be a part of an insane asylum.
  12. MavGrad99.....hmmmmm, narrowed you down to just a couple of guys. Only one in the DFW!!
  13. Anyone who played at ETBU during the Ralph Harris years still gets Goosebumps when those Phil Collins vocals hit!!
  14. Overton huh? Coach Strickland would be a great hire for Kirbyville.
  15. Since he wasn't hired, can you tell us the name you originally heard for OC? From the FCS school?
  16. Be good in everything? So if Mathis wins 3 games over the next 3 years, but the girls programs greatly improve, he will be in no danger of losing his job? Or if he wins state twice in the next three years but the girls programs go winless, he will be fired? Come on now, you guys hired him to coach football and football will determine his success. Time to face the facts, only sport that matters in Texas (girls or boys) is football.
  17. Didn't say they had worked it out, but that they were "negotiating". Still will be interesting to see how it works out.
  18. The situation stinks to high heaven and Barbay has been treated terribly. Jasper stole a lot more from him that his job and I hope they regret it for years.
  19. My assumption is you are referring to me here. I am not sure I know who you are, but to settle your curiosity....I am in Atascocita.
  20. I echo all the remarks about him being a great coach. It's only a matter of time before he is having great success as a HC again. We hated to lose him at HD but completely understood the situation. I just wanted to find him so I could keep an eye out. Thanks for the info.
  21. Where is Josh Finney coaching these days?
  22. I love bball/baseball parents. They're always good for a belly laugh now and then.
  23. Buncha crusty old men on this thread. "back in my day...." "my kid would never do that because he knows what would happen...."
  24. I swam in those same clay pits many times during my time at ETBU, and always knew how dangerous they were. The sides were so slick, you could hardly get out of the pit, and if you touched the bottom, your feet would get stuck. I love ETBU and pray that their campus and football program can heal.
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