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  1. Were there any scholarship level offers, or were they all pulled when the injury happened? If you are going to go D3 in Texas, UMHB is the way to go. They win year in and year out, and they are always a legitimate shot to make a deep playoff run. If Smith gets himself healthy, UMHB has just landed a running back that will be the best in the nation by the time he is a sophomore. Congratulations to the young man. I pray that he is able to get healthy and do what he loves.
  2. Sometimes the emperor over there at SETX doesn't know that he isn't wearing any clothes, and when one points his nakedness out, he swings the sword. Sorry to hear you got cut. Maybe he will come to his senses someday, but my money is on that never happening.
  3. I hope this works out for the home town boy, but those things rarely go well. Unless Colmesneil understands that 5-5 is the top of the mountain for them, then he might have some staying power. Either way, for this job to go to someone with 3 years experience shows the lack of interest overall in the position there.
  4. BG, you have to explain this. Never again?
  5. Hmmm, seems like highschoolfootball99 forgot to log out before attempting to post as bulldogs99. Did you apply for the job 99?
  6. "Friend"....haha You need to chill is what they are saying.
  7. This is the first time in the history of ever that someone has suggested that their football program would be better off by hiring a coach from West Hardin. God help Colmesneil.
  8. Am I mistaken in believing that Prince is their second choice? Wasn't the job offered and turned down by an ETX OC?
  9. If John Snelson was an option, and you hired Barker over him.....you didn't get the right guy. That's all I am saying.
  10. There's a little concern With Coach Huck for me. I'm afraid that once Cade graduates, he will be gone. I'd like to get some consistency at HD. Having said that, if Huck applies, he will be the best candidate by a mile.
  11. Personal family issues. Those around here that know, understand.
  12. Rumors around town are that he is going into the construction business.
  13. I'm reading on TOC that he handed the keys back and told them that should've hired a "yes man".
  14. Down here in Bobcat land we are hearing rumors that he is all but out of the door. Anyone in East Texas hearing where his destination may be? I know he is held in high esteem around the ETX area, and I knew we might lose him sooner rather than later, but I sure wish there was something we could do to keep him around.
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