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  1. Actually there has been lots of tackles by lots of Ore City players. Ore City has many boys that will get in there and make tackles.
  2. I would think Diana has this one in a close fight.
  3. Agreed! No need bashing players or Coaches on here
  4. I can assure you the coaches last year were not blaming kids for not having any talent. Not sure who started that rumor. You have good years and you have bad years. It happens at all schools. No need to bash coaches from last year. They are all great coaches and wonderful men. Good luck to the Eagles this season.
  5. 3rd is great in spite of everything they went through! HMM.. Henry Taylor you say? Who is your grandson? My name is Tweety Bird as stated in my username. All the stuff you are stating sounds very familiar? In fact just like a ton of emails that have been floating around with info about coaches and stats. Which all the info in the emails just like yours are incorrect. Please get facts straight before opening your mouth.
  6. Like I said he is a great Coach with not much talent to work with. Oh and don't go spreading lies about the baseball program sir!!! They were picked 1st and got 3rd not 4th!!! They had to overcome so many tragedies last year. It was amazing the team played as well as they did with the two deaths during their season. Also the year before they were picked 5th in district and they got 1st! So if you don't know the facts....Keep your mouth shut!! Thank You!!
  7. He is a great man and great coach. What people do not realize is that if you do not have the talent you will not win games. It does not matter who is coaching the team. Especially in the District of DOOM. And no a change was not needed!! SMH at DIANA!!!!!
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