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  1. You barking up the wrong tree dubb. You haven't been wrongfully exiled. Give your advice to someone more sensitive. Lol !!!! Nothing to let go. Check post already made my prediction.
  2. Appeal? Waste of time . Besides I am a big boy my feelings don't get hurt that easy! I don't wear my feelings on my shoulder! I could care less if they do it again . Only makes them look bad for exiling me for absolutely no reason at all .
  3. Dubb are you a moderator now? You sure sound different. Kind of creepy! RUN! !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Read many post during my time of exile. Apparently the rules only apply to me . I have seen some post by everyone including admin/moderator that broke rules . I also read rules 5 times . The funny thing is I realize , things where flat out boring on here without me! Ratings were low! Lol !!!!!!!
  5. I don't know , tissue and group hug probably break one of the rules.
  6. Please don't throw me in the briar patch! Lol!!!!!
  7. Thanks for a little excitement. Couldn't wait to get back on ! You guys know how to keep a guy excited! I live for this kind of abuse. Keep it coming .
  8. I love these guys! They know how to boot a man when he's down.
  9. I am sure it's coming.lol !!!!!! I know why I got the boot. Still in disbelief!!!! You right dubb I got the boot for being SMARTER than the poster that attacked me. So sensitive.
  10. I got the boot because one of your buddies complained. Lol!!!! Let's be honest with each other. So sensitive!
  11. What rules? That's the million dollar question? Is there a rule of sensitivity?
  12. Quality control . Maybe they should have read the post this weekend on here. Good information.
  13. Should be a good game at paris Friday. Just depends on which team and staff shows up.
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