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  1. the recruiting rankings are great but dont help anything when your top 4 or 5 never make it to campus. hopefully some of those top guys that did sign last year develop because there's going to be a lot of available spots for next season.
  2. last month of the season went down hill fast. smith had his worst game of the season this weekend and Sunday was just pitiful.
  3. wonder which southland or ovc school Nate Thompson will be the head coach at next season? dont see DVH firing him but he'll get him hired somewhere so he doesnt have to.
  4. that happened to Missouri state a few years ago played as the 1 seed in Fayetteville.
  5. and hopefully Hasz stays healthy too but it sounded like there were a couple more TEs coming along this spring.
  6. he just keeps adding them feel like he may just keep signing WRs until they run out of scholarships.
  7. that was quick, hope they get a friendly draw in the regional or it could be an early exit.
  8. its been a problem since the launch angle became so important to thompson.
  9. games 1 & 2 are being rescheduled.
  10. turned it off after it was 6-0, was pretty shocked when i saw they won. pretty wild weekend pitching wasnt great and the hitting looked better.
  11. Pleasant Grove vs Carrollton Ranchview Thursday @ PG 6:30 streamed on Texarkana Gameday, Fri @ Carrollton 6:30, Saturday @paris 2:30 LE vs Farmersville @Mount Pleasant Thurs. @ 6 streamed on Texarkana gameday, Fri at 6, sat 2
  12. was wondering when he got hired if he would stay until the baseball season was over.
  13. figured Surrat would have at least gotten an interview.
  14. between Cal and DVH we shouldnt have a recruiting problem with those 2 sports if we can get football in the upper half of the sec I will be happy. I just want to beat the M schools every year thats my only expectation for football.
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