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  1. Scrimmage 2 Texas vs Longview the Fayetteville game took the place of the Waco U game.
  2. its a shame that he pitched the way he did and still got a no decision. not sure why this wasnt at least on espn+ but it college baseball so i guess thats my answer. good weekend overall with some more great pitching.
  3. If its who i think then i don't think hes ever been a HC anywhere was an assistant at LE for a while but not sure where else.
  4. Hagan was already out by the time i got the game on but other than that i thought they looked pretty good for opening weekend and the cold weather. Molina from texas tech i thought looked really good and the transfer CF Wilmsmeyer from Mizzou i thought looked good also. Still trying to not get my hopes up.
  5. I'm really trying hard not to get my hopes up. When i saw Stovall got hurt i really started thinking here we go again. If Hagan and Tygart can stay healthy this team could make some noise. hopefully the transfer from Sac st Aloy is as good as advertised too.
  6. This is from a national survey of high school officials. "0.4% of respondents answered they were overpaid and 18.3% indicated they were paid what they were worth. Roughly 21 percent answered they were underpaid and dissatisfied and 60 percent answered they were underpaid but accepted there were budget constraints at the level they worked." https://www.nfhs.org/articles/naso-survey-indicates-concerns-with-sportsmanship-shortage-of-officials/
  7. Which is why we are seeing an official shortage. guys are not able to take off from their regular jobs to travel to games and meetings. I doubt many or any at all are getting to the game site 3 hours early but they do have to travel and be there 1-2 hours before kickoff.
  8. no but taking the time off of work is. Meetings during the week might have to take time off for, then leave an hr or so early on thursday, then leave 1-3+ hours early on friday.
  9. Stanford posted the schedule as @ Argyle. the only neutral site game is Midlothian Heritage
  10. True didn’t think about those was just thinking about Wittens connections with the cowboys.
  11. I don’t believe so but I don’t really know one way or the other. Stepp had said he thought the Waco u game was going to be but that didn’t end up happening. Other than maybe playing at Royce city I don’t know anywhere else that would make sense. I guess it could be a Jerry world or the star game.
  12. Too bad they couldn’t play in Little Rock
  13. Most schools in the metroplexes have games on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays its just the way it is now.
  14. its a solid 4 1/2- 5 hr drive maybe more by bus.
  15. Liberty Eylau @ Pitt @ Henderson vs Carthage vs Bullard bye vs Tatum @ Gladewater vs Atlanta @ White Oak vs Jefferson @ Sabine
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