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  1. A math lesson from Tim Riggins, Mrs Taylor would be proud.
  2. Kennedy is out in not so surprising news. love how they twist this to make it sound like this is some huge get for Miss St. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-jeff-lebby-mississippi-state-set-to-acquire-major-sec-assistant-coach
  3. kinda surprising but i hope its true. had a great game against Alabama but i thought he could have had a better overall season. https://www.on3.com/college/arkansas-razorbacks/news/report-arkansas-dl-landon-jackson-leaning-toward-returning-opting-out-of-nfl-draft/
  4. at that point in the game and with as much as the officials let go it would have had to of been big to get called.
  5. Had a couple of good days up on the hill hope this continues.
  6. all i can say is the comments on facebook and tfnl have been pretty comical. i have a feeling there have been quite a few in this area that have loved every minute of this pity party since Friday.
  7. would abrams return there?
  8. not yet just talking about him being Jeff Lebbys brother in law. If briles is still at tcu i would think theyd be the front runner for KJ but maybe he had a good enough relationship with Loggains to want to go there.
  9. saw where he posted he hasnt made up his mind now, i figure hes leaving though. i just figure with the Briles connection at MissSt and him being from Miss that he'll end up there.
  10. well its definitely put a little bit of excitement into a program that was almost dead after HY announced that Sam was coming back. the admin couldnt have hired anyone else that would have gotten this much talk.
  11. arkansas competes very well in all sports men and women in the sec but football is king and for the past decade theyve been the vandy of the west. if the revenue share was close id be all for a big12 move simply on the football competition aspect.
  12. if you are talking about at the end of the SWC then thats a long story. if you are talking about now then its only about money, nobody is leaving the sec anytime soon because of that might could see Mizzou go to big10 but that would be it. everyone in the arkansas fan base knows theyd compete better in football in the big12 but we all know why they arent going to leave. most only want a decent bowl game every year and a chance at a Ny6 every few years.
  13. its through nfhs wont be on the gameday youtube or facebook. they did pay for a couple of games but i guess nfhs had this already not sure how that all works.
  14. say A&M doesnt go with him and next year Arkansas and Baylor are looking for a head coach. you think he turns one of them down waiting for the next time Texas or A&M are in the market? would you consider houston a better job than UTSA?
  15. i think they are giving him one more year to go out on his own. also sounds like maybe some are getting tired of paying buyouts every couple of years. if he was fired this year and the entire staff let go on top of the OC that made it 8 games theyd owe somewhere in the 20-24mill range.
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