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  1. he looked really excited about it in the pictures i saw.. hope the best for him, just kind of a head scratcher the way things have happened the past few weeks.
  2. Local places: Zapatas- mexican food similar to superior in shreveport. Red Bone Brewery- brewery, pizzas, burgers & sandwiches. Those 2 are toward downtown not far from grimm stadium. If you go out toward interstate theres a lot of franchise places, roadhouse, on the border etc. Also Reggies out by interstate smaller burger place not to busy later in the day.
  3. no but i saw where dvh is going heavy after pitchers
  4. i really thought he had withdrawn from the draft until i saw his name pop up.
  5. ranked 94 on mlb.com and drafted 403.
  6. just waiting on someone to get a duck call manufacture sponsorship now
  7. yea the QB i took over after the 2nd week but was playing before that. the rb is the same
  8. t-high has a QB, RB maybe a WR that are getting some D1 offers. DE/LB I think is committing at the end of the month to either UT or Baylor. they may have another one in the secondary that is getting some looks too not positive on that though. should be a good one.
  9. i just saw that, big pick up! i dont know if thats the same case with bishop or whats going on saw he had dropped to around 100 on the mlb top 200 list. arkansas high is like the forgotten school in this town. if he had gone to t-high, pg or LE there'd be all kinds of coverage on him.
  10. Max Muncy goes 25th overall to the oakland a's. If he wants to play in a great stadium in front of sell out crowds then he comes to arkansas. Stovall probably goes pretty early today. Heard bishop wasnt dropping but not sure why.
  11. Arkansas WR Trey Knox signed a deal with petsmart. when all of this started i never expected to see someone with an endorsement deal from petsmart, but hey get it where you can.
  12. good article about some of the baseball commits, 2 area kids (texarkana,bullard) and a couple somewhat close in haughton & frisco. i dont see stovall making it to campus unless he just ask for a lot from whoever drafts him, may be the same story for bishop from texarkana. https://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2021/jun/30/look-razorback-baseball-commits-2021-mlb-draft/
  13. is there some connection here with the hire? i honestly know nothing about the school he's coming from other than they're in the same district as as southlake.
  14. i know they separated the AD role from the head football coach, does the AD have hc experience or would he name himself hc?
  15. saw them vs t-high and they were competitive in the first half, second half the numbers and athletes at t-high took over. hallsville needs to go option or veer something different. try to get younger brother from PG and see if he can out trick when hes outmanned.
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