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  1. what are the lineman championships, weightlifting and pushing sleds? sorry never heard of this.
  2. great games. listening to DVH it sounds like smith may have a new role for chapel hill.
  3. lets play one more, glad this one will be on something other than +.
  4. van horn sounded over all the long flies and strike outs from guys swinging for the fences. he also said something about the pitchers arms being worn out which i get for a guy like hagan smith but not someone thats been in college for more than a year.
  5. there's good reason for that. they were talking yesterday about Nate Thompson being a front runner for the Kansas baseball job, pretty sure he will have plenty of people willing to help him pack.
  6. i heard him on the radio a day or two after he "retired" saying he didnt think hed be gone for good and he was open to just being an AD somewhere.
  7. never mind the guy i was thinking of is down in bayou land now.
  8. has he already coached at linden?
  9. not sure if anyone knows but he did recruit deshaun watson.
  10. the media in linden would eat him alive.
  11. figured this was the job their DC had been holding out for.
  12. Surratt is a graduate i think matt mcclure is also. figure one of them might have a chance at this.
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