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  1. so is the rule now one free transfer and then if you transfer again you have to sit out a year unless you've graduated? or do you get unlimited transfers without having to sit?
  2. i get some of them that had a lot of offers out of high school and went to power 5 schools that are transferring. some that ive seen that are group of 5 guys that werent playing so i see why 40% from last year weren't signed to new schools. i also wonder how much is someone telling them they should transfer for whatever reason and how much of it is the current coach telling them to transfer.
  3. wonder if travis hunter will follow him again or if he transfers to a bigger program now like Ga/ Alabama
  4. Marcus Burris, the second from Texarkana ive seen announce today.
  5. Clayton Smith just announced he's leaving
  6. i know but more people are watching mac football on tuesday than would if it was streamed on ESPN+ on Saturday afternoon.
  7. i know being in texas a lot of peoples friday nights are taken up with high school football but ive kinda always wondered why one of these G5 conferences wasnt playing on fridays. seems like there isnt much else on be a good opportunity to get some viewers.
  8. so Simms ended up getting a "W" last week against Detroit? thought the game was just cancelled but i guess it went as a Detroit forfeit.
  9. they have been for a long time. I think what's about to happen though is we will start to see more Thursday night varsity games.
  10. friscoisdsports.com will supposedly have something
  11. there's a gate by the north endzone you could have pulled the heavy chevy through and had you a party on the 50.
  12. must not remember what Redwater was in the early 2000s hate to see them back to that. i think at one point they had one of the longest losing streaks in the state.
  13. yea i saw he had signed, figured he would but was holding out hope.
  14. arent there minimum capacity requirements for D1 football stadiums? was thinking it was like 30k but never understood why when most of them only see maybe 10k on a good day.
  15. i know he'd be a senior and lose a lot of leverage for next year but i wonder what the chances are that connor noland comes back. i figure some businesses could come up with more money than what he will get offered from being drafted.
  16. what are the lineman championships, weightlifting and pushing sleds? sorry never heard of this.
  17. great games. listening to DVH it sounds like smith may have a new role for chapel hill.
  18. lets play one more, glad this one will be on something other than +.
  19. van horn sounded over all the long flies and strike outs from guys swinging for the fences. he also said something about the pitchers arms being worn out which i get for a guy like hagan smith but not someone thats been in college for more than a year.
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